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11.16.10 NESARA returns America to the Gold Standard; S-510 The FDA's War on Food

Dearest NESARA Supporters,


With all the hubub over precious metals - largely caused by the instability of the worldwide economic crisis, it is wise to put things in perspective. Whatever their take, economists across the planet are crying wolf! The graph that follows paints a painfully clear picture of just how bad the American people have been hoodwinked, robbed, cheated, and stripped of our prosperity. According to this graph, if gold were the standard, along with the most "current amount" of US dollar bills in circulation; one troy ounce of gold should be worth about $54,000.00. This is perhaps a somewhat simplified summation but based on the Bretton Woods Monetary Accords of 1945 we�ve been had:


You can find the entire article here:

$53,957 in Circulation for Every Ounce of Gold


To say these numbers are shocking is an understatement. There is no question the US dollar is teetering in the balance of total collapse. The Feds are "fixing" it by printing more money, giving it a fancy name like "Quantitative Easing" and extending their balance sheets. They have taken economics to a whole new level and are now hammering the final nails into the coffin of the American way of life. This is exactly why we must have NESARA announced. NESARA will return the United States to the Gold Standard with more than 100% return on every dollar. No devaluation of all the money you hold; only appreciation. NESARA was created for this very reason.


Although this is a scenario spinning out of control, NESARA can clean up ALL of the mess created in the United State of America in one fell swoop! You can find out how you can help NESARA and the world by going here: The Key to NESARA


In addition, with all the diversions caused by the dark cabal, we sometimes loose site of important issues we can do something about. This is yet another reason we need NESARA. There is a bill that will be voted on tomorrow in the Senate and it is a bill that will literally give the FDA control over all the food we put in our bodies, we will have NO choice. Please call your Senators tomorrow telling them to vote against "S-510", the Food Safety Modernization Act. You can find your Senator here:



"Despite the delays, the so-called "Food Safety Modernization Act" (S.510) remains a major threat to local food networks and market-based food systems. S.510 empowers the FDA with totalitarian authority over the whole gamut of food, and would give the regulatory agency the ability to wantonly impose burdensome requirements on even the smallest of food processors, e.g. a local family farm.

Hoping to quell the concerns of liberty activists, proponents of expanding the government's control over what we put into our own bodies point to the latest version of S.510, which includes a few provisions that recognize the difference in scale between large manufacturing plants and your local farms; however, the vast majority of these provisions are actually left to the FDA's discretion. In other words, it will be up to whomever Obama puts in charge of the FDA to decide whether or not your local food network is crushed by federal regulations, or simply shut down if the G-men have "reason to believe" the food on the premises is contaminated...."



Anyone of higher consciousness has no illusions about the fact the dark cabal put us into this mess as part of their maniacal plan. Their agenda is worn out, tattered and in need of a complete expunging. It doesn't matter how much they fight it, their demise is eminent.


NESARA will return us to true Constitutional Law and that will be the final blow to the despicable New World Order Terrorists. NESARA Now!


NESARA Task Force

For more in depth information go here: Let's Review!

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