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11.29.10 Call your Senators NOW to stop S-510

Dear NESARA Supporters,


There is still time today to tell your Senator to stop the FDA's War on Food S-510 Bill! Call, email now!


"...Noon: The latest Word from DC: the Senate schedule, which showed the Monday session starting at 9:30 AM and taking up S.510 after "morning business" now shows the morning session starting at 2 PM -- this means lots of "back-room" wheeling and dealing as the Bigs try to rescue their fake "food safety" bill from our growing Push Back!

Keep on pushing back! Call, email, call, email, call...

Another two hours for push back...

Watch the action here: "


"Just days after Thanksgiving, Senate statists will hold a series of critical votes on the War on Food bill this Monday, November 29.


Click here to get contact information for calling, faxing, and emailing your senators.  Tell them to oppose S.510, the misnamed "Food Safety Modernization Act," on every vote - including cloture.


S. 510 will open the floodgates for tyrannical federal bureaucrats to crush the food industry�s small businesses.


The bill�s proponents suggest that a few provisions totally address concerns of small-scale farmers, but closer examination reveals the FDA acquires even more power to shut down family farms on a whim�"


Campaign For Liberty


NESARA will stop control of all our food, water and air. NESARA Now!


NESARA Task Force

12:04 pm pst
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