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12.07.10 NESARA Ends Worldwide Terrorism By Corrupt US Shadow Government / Still Time To Kill Bill 'S-510'/ Remembering Pearl Harbor 69 Years Later

Dear NESARA Supporters,


It has been 69 years since Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.  Do not let this event and it's ramifications grow faint over time.  There are still 3000 people left who survived that dreadful day and for the thousands that did lose their lives let us remember our sons and daughters of America who have served and continue to serve in the military; the sacrifices they made and continue to make, as their intentions are true and are what makes America so great!   We can never forget: Dec. 7 message is fading as number of Pearl Harbor survivors dwindles


As a special tribute to our brave soldiers here is one soldier's example of American's stamina and courage: Captain Ed Freeman, A true American Hero.


There is still time to end the insanity that Congress is purporting regarding the 'Food Modernization Act'.  The bill was passed in the Senate only to have the House Ways & Means Committee discover  that the US Senate illegally passed S.510: 


Call your Congressman today and tell them to KILL the BILL S.510!  Do not send this bill back to the Senate to be "Fixed", just scrap it, or bury it to be seen no more!  Let them know you do not want higher prices at the grocery store and we do NOT want the farmers of this country being shut down because they won't grow genetically modified food or for some other whimsical reason.  The FDA does not need or know how to use this power wisely.  Leave the food to the people who are going to be eating it.   You can find your Congressman here:


The recently foiled terrorist plot in Oregon, was yet another "STAGED" event by the illuminati stooges.   It is reasonable to think that most people who read the report had to ask themselves, why the FBI, who admittedly claimed to have been watching AND talking to this possible terrorist while he resided in the United States, just why were they holding his hand?  If most people who read the initial report, read between the lines, it is clear this young man had been either coerced, intimidated, threatened, possibly trained and/or has had a microchip placed in his brain to implement such a maniacal plan.  There is no question - he had to have had help, but from whom.


This is not one lone action taking place.  These are deliberate and systematic plans put into action by the dark cabal.   The illuminati have been extremely busy 'threatening AND implementing' planned terrorist attacks on countries to make a point.  They are continuing to try to stop the economic melt down (for their own purposes mind you) by intimidating countries to play along until they can get their way with the NEW economy they have planned.  Unfortunately for the dark cabal, not everyone wants to play.  Bush Sr., being the Maverick he has been known for, is currently responsible for the global stalemate taking place economically via "terrorism" and like a dog with a bone, he is not letting go. 


The veil is becoming very thin and the emperor's clothes are non-existent.  These are the current tactics being used by our shadow government; to instill fear so the world at large will keep supporting the corrupt and decaying status quo; not to mention manifestation of total disgust and unwillingness of the international community to engage in any reasonable conversation with this rogue US government.


Although much is being touted about Eastern currencies with the yen ( pronounced yuan,) making claims to be the new and upcoming "safe" international currency that countries can trust, just isn't going to cut it.  The bad guys will still have their hands in the cookie jar.  WE MUST REMOVE THE ILLUMINATI, THE DARK CABAL, THE NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA (including the Federal Reserve) COMPLETELY AND QUICKLY.  Anyone who doesn't understand that is not ready to clean house at all.  This is what NESARA can do, because NESARA is on big humongous broom! Americans do not want to wake up to a new lifestyle as a third world country.  On the contrary the current mindset that Americans are uninformed, unaware, apathetic or asleep at the wheel can only be answered in the way Americans do it best.  With good ole Yankee know-how, and with the commitment, drive, ingenuity, and wisdom that we were born from.  The world at large thinks that we, American people, have lost the ability to dig ourselves out of this mess.  Hogwash!  They have not heard the lion really roar yet and when we do, they will become acutely aware that Americans can clean house like nobody's business!


Americans have no intention of letting their beloved country, with all its ideals, slip into oblivion!  So that this rings worldwide - we are not taking a back seat to anyone!  Because of NESARA, we will bring our country and it's citizens back to true Constitutional Law.  We will bring our troops home.  We will continue to be a beacon of light for true freedoms.  We will continue to be the America by and for the people; the land that we cherish and honor; the land that we love´┐Ż.


God Bless America

Land that I love

Stand beside her

And guide her

Through the night

With the Light

From above

From the mountains

To the prairies

To the oceans

White with foam

God Bless America

My Home Sweet Home

God Bless America

My Home Sweet Home




NESARA Task Force

3:29 pm pst

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