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12.21.2010 Emergency Call To Representatives! NESARA Will End Corporate Bought Laws

Dear NESARA Supporters,


Today "�.the Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to violate a court order while kowtowing to the UN by finalizing regulations intended to massively restrict all of our access to the internet and world wide web.   The FCC wants to take control of the Internet and this could happen four days BEFORE Christmas--TOMORROW!...".  Not many people know about these new regulations so please write or call your Senators and Congressman immediately!  This will be the end of the last bastion of free speech, guaranteed by the first amendment if we don't try to stop this runaway FCC from overstepping their boundaries.  They are appointed civil servants who have NO business mandating this kind of control over the internet and our civil rights.  Commissioner Baker makes it clear why this policy is illegal:



Article 1: Remarks of Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker

Article 2:



It is clear that Chairman Genachowski is completely ignoring his responsibilities because he is on the payroll of the new world order bad guys and corporate America.  If this particular chairman is successful in imparting his personal agenda as law (illegally) it won't matter who contests it, things will change drastically and it may never return to the internet we now know and use daily.  The bad laws and corporate bought corruption will be completely eradicated with the implementation of NESARA.  For now this is a sham, a reuse, a complete attack on freedom of speech because the powers that be - DO NOT want us to be informed.  FIGHT BACK! Call your representatives now!  Stop Chairman Genachowski and his very bad uncalled for and illegal policies. 


Call your Senators and Congressmen via the Capital Switchboard at 202-224-3121, if you can't get through, get their numbers via and via


NESARA will end the corruption permeating through the corridors of American justice immediately!  You can help, go here:


Do not let this day go by without calling your representatives.  Our future depends on it.



NESARA Task Force

12:40 pm pst

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