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1.11.11 The Chronicles of Moving NESARA to Announcement - Part 1

Dear NESARA Supporters,


Today we will step back a little in time to revisit the "Chronicles of NESARA".  These were articles that the Dove of Oneness started in 2006 with the intention of keeping them ongoing.  Although the work for NESARA took far more time logistically, it was almost impossible to dedicate enough time of informing the masses as you will clearly see after reading Part 1 of the "Chronicles of NESARA".  This is just one small insight of the dedication this one woman had, while connected to one long line of dedicated patriots.  Please take considerable time to comprehend the last part of this newsletter as it clears up any misconception as to how NESARA was passed into law.  NESARA is officially a law on the books that when announced will:


1.  Restores Constitutional Law in America as of NESARA�s public announcement.

2.  Removes US administration officials and all members of the US Congress from their positions due to their continuous unconstitutional actions.  The President, the Vice-President, Cabinet members, and all members of Congress are immediately removed from office by NESARA�s public announcement; specific law enforcement personnel shall physically remove the current government officials from their offices. These removals allow a fresh start at the national level.  Using the Constitutional Line of Succession, NESARA installs Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new federal elections can take place within six months after NESARA�s announcement.

3.  Because NESARA abolishes unconstitutional states of emergency, NESARA�s public announcement declares �peace�.  US military in Iraq and Afghanistan are immediately recalled to the USA.

4.  As partial remedy for 90 years of government and banking fraud, NESARA requires zeroing out of credit card balances and bank debt relief be given to Americans.

5.  Initiates the US Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury currency backed by gold. The Federal Reserve is abolished; Federal Reserve facilities and most personnel are absorbed into the US Treasury Bank System.

6.  Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a national sales tax on new, non-essential items as revenue for government.  Essential items such as food and medicine, and used items, are exempt from the sales tax.



NESARA Task Force



Initially printed and distributed January 13, 2006


Chronicles of Moving NESARA to Announcement

Author: Shaini Goodwin a.k.a. The Dove of Oneness


Chronicles of Moving NESARA to Announcement � Part 1

I�ve decided to tell the little known facts of what I�ve been doing in the last 19+ months to bring NESARA to announcement.  On Friday evening, December 16, 2005, I did my second three-hour conference call about NESARA.  During that call I discussed the many activities and strategies I�ve pursued in the last 19 months to move NESARA to
announcement.  Very few of you were on that conference call so I have decided to discuss my actions on behalf of NESARA in the Dove Reports.  It will take several weekly Dove Reports for me to cover the major actions I and others assisting me have done on behalf of NESARA.  I will include each installment of the Chronicles under the section
heading �Chronicles of Moving NESARA to Announcement� in the weekly Dove Reports.

JURISDICTION is a key issue related to NESARA and the Farmers� Cases which are the foundation for NESARA.  �Jurisdiction� means WHO has the authority to take action.  In our court system; jurisdiction means which court (local, state, federal, US Supreme Court) has authority over certain matters.  NESARA�s reforms came from the Farmers� Cases proving corruption and fraud in our US federal government, banking,
and legal systems.  (See the History Section regarding NESARA at for details on the Farmers� Cases.) 

As discussed in the History Section of WWW.NESARA.US, in the 1970s and 1980s, many American farmers were losing their family farms due to foreclosures.  Some of these farmers decided to investigate why so many of them were losing their farms to foreclosure.  Their investigations resulted in uncovering fraudulent loan practices by the
Federal Reserve and complicity in the frauds by the US government.  The farmers filed dozens of lawsuits for fraud against banks, certain judges, and the US government.  Finally, after many years of fighting court battles at the state and federal district levels, several Farmers� Cases went to the US Supreme Court for final decisions.  In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the US Supreme Court ruled upon the Farmers� Cases. 

Hundreds of high level US military officers, retired and active, supported the Farmers� Cases and requirements to reform the US government, banking, and legal systems.  Certain of these high level officers privately informed the US Supreme Court Judges that the officers had done their own investigations and knew the Farmers� Cases were valid and should be upheld.  Because the US Supreme Court Judges knew they were being closely watched by high level military officers, (some officers sat in the courtroom) the Judges gave the proper rulings and upheld the Farmers� Cases. 

Because the US Supreme Court Judges made the final decisions in the Farmers� Cases, the US Supreme Court was the ultimate �jurisdiction� over all matters related to and resulting from the Farmers� Cases.  In our American legal system, the Court must then address the injustices uncovered in the Farmers� Cases.  When US Supreme Court Judges ruled in favor of the Farmers� Cases, this required the US Supreme Court Judges to ensure that REMEDIES to the problems were developed and instituted.  Because the problems were long-term, widespread problems of our federal government operating OUTSIDE Constitutional Law, the Farmers� Cases demanded that Constitutional Law be restored in America and that the banking and legal systems be rectified.  Therefore, the
US Supreme Court Judges were required to develop REFORMS to address and rectify these issues, and then to act to implement the reforms.

The US Supreme Court was the ultimate authority and JURISDICTION over the Farmers� Cases and later, over the NESARA Law.  Because the US Supreme Court had the ultimate authority over the Farmers� Cases, the Court had the right to place very STRICT GAG ORDERS over all matters related to the Farmers� Cases and to SEAL all court records relating to the Farmers� Cases.  The US Supreme Court�s actions of issuing gag
orders and sealing court records are discussed at length in the 1993 Farm Claims video excerpts included in our October 2005 NESARA video.

It�s not unusual for courts to issue �gag orders�. There are reports in mainstream news about courts issuing �gag orders� quite often.  I was watching the Catherine Crier Show on the �Court TV� cable channel a few months ago when she reported that a judge had ordered a gag order on the defense attorney in a certain case to keep the defense attorney from going to the media.  It was mentioned that �gag orders�
are issued by courts for various reasons.

During 1993-1999, the US Supreme Court pretended to make efforts to do the Reforms that are needed.  Chief Justice Rehnquist had the authority and responsibility to appoint specific US Supreme Court Judges to be responsible for developing and implementing the needed reforms.  Rehnquist chose himself, and Associate Justices O�Connor and Scalia as the Court judges responsible for the reforms.  Rehnquist also organized a committee to develop the needed reforms; the three Judges were the heads of the committee and maintained control of the committee. 

As seen in their unconstitutional actions of putting Bush Jr. into the Oval Office after the year 2000 elections, these three Judges were not true supporters of Constitutional Law.  These three Judges have always been supporters of the globalists� one world order and therefore, the only reason they wanted control of the reforms was to keep the reforms
from happening.  By having JURISDICTION over the reform process, the Judges could very effectively prevent the reforms from occurring.

In 1998, powerful US military officers demanded that the Judges have the reforms compiled into a law and the law passed by the US Congress.   In 1999, the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA) was submitted to the US Congress.  NESARA gained sponsors and co-sponsors in both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives.   However, nearly a year later, NESARA still had not been voted upon.
At that time, the powerful US military officers demanded that NESARA be voted upon.  Late one night in March 2000 a written quorum call was hand-delivered by Delta Force and Navy SEALs to the sponsors and co-sponsors of NESARA in the Senate and House.  The Senators and Representatives were immediately accompanied to their voting chambers in the Capitol Building where they passed the NESARA Law.

All through the steps related to the NESARA Law, the US Supreme Court Judges maintained jurisdiction due to NESARA�s reforms coming from the Farmers� Cases and put a very strict gag order on all members of the US Congress and all other officials knowledgeable about NESARA and continued a gag order on the media which had been issued during the Farmers� Cases activities.  The Court�s gag order is still in place
over all �officials� and the media.  (I am not an �official� and therefore not under the gag order.)

Between June 2000 when I first learned of NESARA and early 2004, I had learned that the US Supreme Court Judges Rehnquist, Scalia, and O�Connor were heads of the Committee in charge of NESARA�s announcement and were secretly sabotaging NESARA.  I initially believed it was necessary to have these Judges lawfully removed from control over NESARA.  In March � May 2004, I sent compilations of information to certain high level US military officers and others regarding removing these Judges from control over NESARA.  My strategy was to replace the Judges with good people and then bring NESARA to announcement; however, no one agreed to help with this important task.

In July 2004, when I quit doing �daily� Dove Reports and changed to weekly Reports, I contacted numerous people who had their own knowledge of NESARA to build a group of people who cared about NESARA and would act to bring NESARA to announcement.  I found that some of the knowledgeable NESARA supporters had moved and there was no new telephone number for them; some had passed away; and others were simply afraid to get involved.  I sent two messages to the White Knight known as �King of Swords� (KOS) asking him to meet with me to combine our knowledge and actions to bring NESARA to announcement.  He refused to meet with me or provide any assistance in any way.

In August 2004, I pursued a new strategy.  I reviewed the list of people I knew supported NESARA or supported Constitutional Law and arranged meetings with certain people to discuss what they could do for NESARA.  After six weeks of effort, a meeting with one of the Congressional Sponsors of NESARA was arranged.  I met with him privately, behind closed doors with only the two of us in the room.  I explained the strategies we were pursuing to remove the Judges from control over NESARA and asked him if he knew of certain trustworthy people who could help with specific actions.  He said the problem was ��it is very difficult to know who can be trusted�� and that if he thought of anyone, he would let me know.  I knew he was under the gag order and that he himself was forbidden to do anything to directly help.

I met with other people in August also who had connections which could have been helpful to NESARA.  Unfortunately, even though help was promised by one person for whom I did a big favor, he did not keep his promise to help NESARA. 

After traveling to several locations around the USA in August on behalf of NESARA, I met another person on the last leg of my trip.  This gentleman offered to help with contacts to certain powerful people.  He did make initial contacts and attempted to open the door to one very powerful person; I also followed up with telephone and fax contacts.  However, the appointment secretary for the powerful person simply delayed all efforts to arrange an appointment and it became clear we were not going to be able to arrange the meeting.

Again I reviewed people we believed were supporters of NESARA.  One famous country music singer was a known supporter of the farmers and I had been told he knew about the Farmers� Cases.  A NESARA supporter assisted me in making contact with this famous singer and I quickly flew to meet with the singer in a city in Indiana where he was performing.  He informed me that he did not have personal knowledge of the Farmers� Cases although he did want NESARA to be announced but that before he could help, he needed to talk with someone directly involved in the Farmers� Cases who was present in the US Supreme Court sessions or see official documentation regarding the Farmers� Cases.  Since the official documentation is SEALED and under gag order and top people involved in the Farmers� Cases had been put in jail, I was not
able to fulfill his request. 

I spent weeks on the telephone attempting to reach people who had been involved in the Farmers� Cases.  Months later I actually did obtain direct contact through postal mail with Roy Schwasinger who was the top leader of the Farmers� Cases, a co-plaintiff in the Farmers� Cases, and the leader of the Farm Claims movement (he is shown in a
short 1992 video clip in the NESARA video).  Mr. Schwasinger was set-up and framed in 1993-94 by the US federal government and although he did not break the law, he was convicted of false charges and is still currently in prison.  From the letter I received from him from his prison location, he still has his very sharp mind; he did not mention his physical health to me.  After I sent him a reply telling him we wanted to make contact with his �old buddies� � which meant the US military officers who supported NESARA � the prison officials shut down all Mr. Schwasinger�s telephone and other communications for some weeks.  I can guarantee you that Mr. Schwasinger will be released soon after NESARA is announced.


In next week�s Dove Report, I will include Part 2 of the �Chronicles of Moving NESARA to Announcement�.  Recently, I have changed the day I am posting the Dove Report to Friday.  Most weeks I expect the Dove Report will be posted on Friday,  although if I am traveling I may have to post it on Thursday or Saturday if my travel schedule requires
this adjustment.

WWW.NESARA.US Website Improvements

On another subject, I�m having some changes made to the WWW.NESARA.US
website in the near future.  I will ask our graphics designer, Scott,has created the beautiful artwork for WWW.NESARA.US and created the NESARA flyers to revise the NESARA flyers and delete the part about former president Clinton signing the NESARA Law.  Clinton did NOT sign the NESARA Law.

In late October 2000, I was receiving information from a National Security Agency (NSA) agent in New York.  The top agents and analysts of the US federal government National Security Agency have the ability to access all data stored in all computers in the United States and in most computers in countries around the world.  American law requires
that all organizations using computer software in the USA must GIVE to the NSA the decryption �keys� to all security encryption software for all computers.  Having the keys to all encryption software enables the NSA to enter computers of all sizes in order to obtain information beneficial to keeping America safe.

Using his very high security clearance access, this NSA agent searched through certain US federal government computers to find official information about NESARA.  Initially he did this to prove to himself and his fianc� that NESARA was not real.  He was surprised to find in official US government computer records that NESARA is REAL and the NESARA Law was PASSED by Congress in the year 2000.  He also found mention that NESARA was signed by Clinton in October 2000. 

In September 2000 we were told by federal government contacts that Clinton was being pressured to sign the NESARA Law.  Later in October 2000, one contact said someone forced Clinton to sign the law. 

However, in October 2000 my Omega telephone network included two people who spoke directly and privately with two US Senators in mid-October 2000 and the Senators said that Clinton had actually ordered the October 12, 2000 attack on the US naval ship the USS Cole while it was in port at Aden, Yemen.  The US Senators stated that Clinton had secretly presented a bill to the US Congress which he was pressuring Congress to pass.  Clinton�s bill took away the sovereign nation status of the United States of America and put the USA totally UNDER the control of the United Nations!

The two US Senators were very opposed to Clinton�s bill and said that the US Congress had REFUSED to pass the bill.  The Senators said in order to put pressure on the Congress, Clinton ordered the attack on the USS Cole to show he was willing to kill Americans in order to coerce Congress into passing Clinton�s treasonous bill!  The Senators said that Clinton had done this kind of thing before in efforts to coerce Congress into passing something Clinton wanted.  The two Senators also did confirm NESARA during this telephone conference but did not confirm Clinton signing NESARA.

In the last few years, I�ve received additional information from solid sources which indicates that Clinton did not sign the NESARA Law and I believed these later sources to be correct.  A few months ago, during a long conversation with a gentleman who has very high security clearance with the US Treasury Department and who is a strong
supporter of NESARA, we discussed the fact that Clinton did not sign the NESARA Law. 

Frankly, because the activities to move NESARA forward have consumed all my time and energy, it did not seem a priority to change the NESARA flyers.  However, recently it has come to my attention that at times Clinton has taken advantage of people thinking he did sign NESARA and uses that to his advantage.  Clinton is not a supporter of NESARA; we do not want people to be misled regarding this.

My most recent investigations on this matter have uncovered the following:
- There was a time period in October 2000 during which Clinton was supposed to sign the NESARA Law.
- Clinton was almost pressured into signing NESARA during this time.
- A pro-NESARA person purposely put the false information into some federal government data stating Clinton did sign NESARA, BUT, Clinton actually did not sign NESARA.
- Later, someone else removed this false information from the government data.

NESARA does not need to be signed by any occupant of the White House because NESARA is an instrument of REFORMS which came from a US Supreme Court decision. 

Again, we are back to the issue of JURISDICTION.  The US Supreme Court has jurisdiction over NESARA and ruled on the Farmers� Cases finding that the federal government has unlawfully operated outside Constitutional Law since 1933.  Therefore, in this case, the Judicial branch of the federal government, the US Supreme Court, has authority to order the reforms required to put America back under Constitutional Law;  the reforms are being carried out through the NESARA Law.  Because the office of the President has been corrupted, no President is required to sign NESARA.  NESARA�s announcement is what is required. 

In addition, in 1803 in the decision of the court case Marbury vs. Madison, the US Supreme Court began its role of being the final authority on what is Constitutional and what is not.  The US Supreme Court ruled against US President Madison in this famous case.  This is when the US Supreme Court became more powerful than the sitting US

Do not think I am a supporter of the current US Supreme Court Judges; I am not.  The reason the NESARA Law was passed is due to powerful US military officers who demanded the reforms be put into NESARA and pushed to get NESARA passed.  


There are occasionally rumors that the �Federal Reserve has gone down� or the �Federal Reserve has declared bankruptcy� or a recent rumor, the �Federal Reserve has gone back on the gold standard�. 

The Federal Reserve will be abolished as of the NESARA Announcement and the US Treasury Department will take over all Federal Reserve facilities and personnel and will operate the American banking and monetary system according to Constitutional Law.  The banks will be doing very limited functions for the first three business days after
NESARA�s announcement so that all banking personnel can be educated about NESARA.  Not all banks have conducted their NESARA training so they will during these three days.

The Federal Reserve has not �gone down� and is not �bankrupt�.  The Federal Reserve also is NOT on the gold standard and will not be on the gold standard in the future.  The Federal Reserve does have caches of gold but that is part of the secret way central banks operate and by virtue of having some gold this does not put America �on the gold standard�.

NESARA�s US Treasury Bank system and currency will put America on the gold standard.  The gold standard being re-implemented will correct several terrible wrongs.

For example, YOUR BIRTH RECORDS and all Americans� birth records in the last 70+ years have been SOLD as �Chattel Property Bonds� which are purchased mainly by governments of other countries.  This means the federal government believes YOU � YOUR BODY � are the PROPERTY of the federal government and can be sold! 

Various government entities in the USA also sell �Chattel Property Bonds� based on prisoners they have in jail. 

These Chattel Property Bonds are totally against Constitutional Law and abominable acts against Americans.  NESARA totally ABOLISHES these chattel property bonds and by restoring Constitutional Law and backing the US Treasury Bank system and currency with ONE MILLION METRIC Tons of Gold, gives the federal government a proper and stable economic backing as the Founding Fathers meant it to have.

Some re-negotiations and settlements will have to be made with the holders of these Chattel Property Bonds to ensure the PEOPLE of other countries are not harmed by the abolishment of these chattel property bonds based on Americans.



11:33 am pst

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