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2.1.2011- Chronicles of Moving NESARA To Announcement Part 2 ; Pre-Planned & Staged 'Revolutions' Are Plots To Help The New World Order Agenda

Dear NESARA Supporters,



It's no surprise to find out through high level sources of confirmation that the illuminati is behind the recent unrest in the Middle East, once again.  The word "revolution" that is being reiterated through the media over and over again, describing what started in Tunisia and than spread to Egypt is the beginning of a country to country pre-planned staged revolt, including the puppets they have already planned to put in place.  These so called 'revolutions' are ultimately meant to get Americans riled up in the hope we will hit the streets in total mayhem to take down the man, only to have martial law declared and then have us sent to the death camps.  It has also been confirmed by high level sources that this will not happen in America.  There are certain people in pertinent positions, right now, that have no intention of letting that happen to Americans.  We will NOT be heading to any death camps any time soon because there still remains true patriots in this beloved country of ours and no matter how hard the Feds (a foreign entity), or the dark cabal try, they are exposing themselves for who and what they really are, and the good folks of this planet are doing something about it.  Enough is enough and although the media hands us spoon fed information to lead us down the path of destruction, it is getting easier with every day that passes to see the thin veil of lies and absurdity.  Yes, the White Knights are still at work, NESARA is still on a steamroller to victory and we are going to take this country back to true constitutional law!


As promised, Part 2 of the Chronicles of Moving NESARA To Announcement is posted below.  You can find Part 1 further below in the post dated 1.11.11. These chronicles are meant to give you insight into the tediousness, the nuances, the courage, and stamina it takes to achieve the magnificent goal of implementing NESARA.  Perhaps with all the unrest that is clearly worldwide, many of you will have a better understanding of just how much of a chokehold the illuminati has had on humans for 150 years, and that's just the stuff that you can still find documentation on today.  However, the name 'illuminati' is just another name of the same group responsible for hundreds of years of sinister manipulation of the innocent and unknowing population, for their own personal gain.   We WILL rise above this, the time is now.  So keep your prayers going and continue to support NESARA in every way possible.  Because many of you have continued to support NESARA we have had some recent success in reaching promising investors.  Please keep your positive thoughts and light on NESARA.  Once again, timing is everything.  It's going to be an interesting February!


NESARA Now To Victory!

NESARA Task Force



Originally posted January 19th, 2006 by the Dove of Oneness, from NESARA.US



By way of introduction, I wish to explain to those of you new to the
Dove Reports that prior to July 2004, I did daily Dove Reports � seven
days a week for some years.  During those years, I cultivated a very
large telephone network with people who had knowledge of NESARA and
the Omega prosperity program.  I learned about NESARA from a White
Knight in the US Secret Service in June 2000 and then found additional
White Knights who support NESARA.  From June 2000 to June 2004, I
received news from these telephone and email contacts regarding
NESARA.  These White Knight contacts frequently said that NESARA was
close to announcement, however, the NESARA announcement did not occur.
 Finally, I decided in July 2004 that I was not going to take their
word for what was happening.  I decided to launch my own
investigations and find out what was happening with NESARA and what
needed to be done so NESARA could be announced.

As the months have passed since July 2004, I have traveled throughout
the USA, to Asia and to London.  The people I�ve met who regarding
NESARA told me they wanted their identities and locations kept
confidential.  I have honored their requests which is why I did not
write about these activities in detail over the months.  For them to
work with us, they had to feel they were protected.  If I had
mentioned details, they and others would have refused to help. 

The same need for security and honoring people�s requests for privacy
apply to the current actions being taken to move NESARA to
announcement.  Therefore, I cannot give out details of current NESARA

However, I now can share details about the many PAST actions taken on
behalf of NESARA so you have a better understanding of what has been
necessary to move NESARA forward.  Last week I discussed my first
trips in August 2004 when I traveled to meet with people I knew either
had first-hand knowledge about NESARA, were supposedly NESARA
supporters, or could possibly help me reach people in the right
positions to help bring NESARA to announcement.  As I explained in the
January 13, 2006 Dove Report, I knew the US Supreme Court Judges had
�jurisdiction� over NESARA.  I also had discovered three of the Judges
- Rehnquist, O�Connor, and Scalia -  had been purposely blocking
NESARA from being announced. 

My initial strategy was to pursue having NESARA taken away from the
control of these three US Supreme Court Judges.  It seemed initially
that if we could find a lawful way to get these three Judges out of
the picture, we could bring NESARA to announcement.  It seemed
reasonable that if we could collect affidavits from witnesses and
other proof that the three Judges were blocking NESARA, this could be
used as leverage to take control of NESARA away from the Judges.  I
had been told that US military, FBI, and CIA personnel had witnessed
instances where the Judges had clearly caused blockages which kept
NESARA from being announced.  The question was, how could we find
trustworthy people to carry out the investigations, find the
witnesses, and then have the witnesses give affidavits which could be
used as proof. 

I knew one of the main sponsors of NESARA in the US Congress was and
is a man of high integrity and honesty who truly supports
Constitutional Law.  After six weeks of telephone calls and a long
trip to his location, I was at last able to meet face-to-face with
this gentleman in a behind-closed-doors, private meeting.  I explained
that a group of us were taking action to break NESARA free of the
control of the Judges who we knew were blocking the announcement.  I
asked him if he knew of a private investigation firm and/or attorney
firm in the Washington, D.C. area who could be trusted to carry out
such an investigation and to take the witnesses� affidavits.  He
thought about it for a moment and then said, �The problem is, it is
very hard to know whom to trust.�  I gave him my contact information
and asked him to contact me if he thought of someone who could be
helpful.  I did not hear from him.

The reason for looking for trustworthy people in the Washington, DC
area is because the DC area is where most of the people who knew about
NESARA were located.  It was reasonable to focus on finding witnesses
in that area who had personal knowledge of the Judges blocking
NESARA�s announcement.

Next, I contacted people involved with Ralph Nader�s political
campaign to see if they knew any �trustworthy� attorneys or
investigators in the Washington, DC area.  They did not. I tracked
down the office of a famous, unorthodox attorney known to be critical
of the government and asked the same questions.  He also did not have
any recommendations for �truthworthy� people in Washington DC.  I kept
running into the attitude that many people weren�t sure there were any
trustworthy attorneys in the Washington DC area.

Not finding any paths to the right people this way, I looked through
the internet directory of attorneys in the Washington DC area (there
are over 5,000 attorneys in the DC area!) to see if any of them seemed
to have an interest in representing Americans with grievances against
the government as they might be sympathetic to NESARA.  I found a few
dozen possibilities and spent days calling these firms and talking
with attorneys who might be interested.  I explained that we were a
group of people supporting the NESARA Law and what we wanted to
accomplish.  None of the attorneys with whom I spoke admitted that
they knew about NESARA.  None thought they could help.

I next contacted �government whistleblower organizations� I found on
the internet and asked them if they knew of trustworthy investigators
and attorneys in the Washington DC area.  A few of them had some
suggestions.  After more telephone calls, I finally reached one
attorney firm of two attorneys who had done some outstanding work
supporting government whistleblowers.  I sent them an overview of
NESARA and what we wanted to accomplish.

At the same time, I found someone who seemed likely to help with the
investigations to find the witnesses.  I immediately flew to
Washington, DC to meet with the potential investigator and to meet
with the attorneys.  In addition, I asked a very strong supporter of
NESARA who lives in Virginia to come to Washington DC for a few days
and join me  in meeting with the attorneys.  Our strategy was that if
we met with the attorneys in person, and our Virginia lady NESARA
supporter was there with checkbook in hand to write them a check for
their retainer fee, they might be willing to work with us. 

I met the lady from Virginia at a hotel where I had booked us rooms.
She was the one who had paid for the mobile billboards which had
circled Washington, DC in May 2004 carrying big billboards proclaiming
NESARA�s main benefits.  (You can see pictures of these mobile
billboards on our home page at WWW.NESARA.US ).  It was great to
finally meet her in person after talking on the telephone so many
times over the last several months. 

We planned to go to the attorneys� office the following morning and
ask for an appointment in the next few days.  Again, our strategy was
that they would be more likely to schedule a meeting with us if we
made the extra effort of appearing in person to schedule the
appointment.  After having so much difficulty finding a �trustworthy�
attorney in the Washington, DC area, we were doing everything we could
to ensure these attorneys would meet with us as soon as possible.  The
sooner we had the meeting, the sooner something could be done to break
NESARA free of the Judges� control because the Judges were acting in
treasonous ways by blocking NESARA.

However, the next morning, I received a message that the investigator
had decided he was not going to help us with finding the witnesses.
Without the investigator, we could not proceed with meeting the
attorneys as the attorneys did not have their own investigators.  The
lady from Virginia and I were stunned by this setback.  She returned
to Virginia while I stayed on in Washington DC.

I moved to a nice apartment hotel which enabled me to cut the high
costs of staying in Washington DC.  Since the DC area was the hub of
activity and those who know about NESARA, I was determined to come up
with a new strategy to move NESARA forward.

I will continue with Part 3 of the CHRONICLES OF MOVING NESARA TO
ANNOUNCEMENT in next week�s Dove Report.





10:27 pm pst

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