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2.20.2011 Trending: NESARA, Ron Paul, And More Deception From The Shadow US Government

Dear NESARA Supporters,


One of the newer schemes of keeping people distracted and misinformed is something called 'Trending'.  Whether they are rich, famous or notorious, the corporate controlled media wants you to be enveloped in the day to day drama of people whose lives have absolutely nothing to do with yours.  This week we are going to highlight some 'Trending' that you won't find in mainstream media.


Trending now:

Ron Paul

Koch Brothers

Governor Scott Walker

"Co-Creative Science"



Ron Paul needs no introduction as he has demonstrated his commitment to true Constitutional Law throughout his entire career.  What is interesting about Congressman Paul at this juncture is his ability to draw the proverbial line in the sand between the one world globalists' and the non- one world globalists.   What is becoming apparent are the growing numbers of organizations who are painting their banners in support of Ron Paul and they are not necessarily organizations any one of us would support across the board.   Knowingly or not, many are coming together for one cause, and that is to stop the globalists from completely destroying the United States of America and the world.


For instance, the Koch Brothers, who funded the cantankerous Tea Party; and who are supporting ($)Governor Scott Walker, the tyrant trying to break the union in Wisconsin; they are also major supporters of Ron Paul.  Whether it is an attempt to manipulate the situation to benefit the Koch brothers and groups like them - only time will tell.  It is likely though, that Congressman Paul cannot be bought.  So for organizations like this to support him forces us to look at the broader picture of how this is going to gum up the new world order agenda.  It will also force corporations and the filthy rich like the Koch Brothers, to change their 'normal' business practices of lobbying and payola, as they are unethical, detrimental and illegal under true Constitutional Law.  Whether it is the original intent of these groups to try and keep their control and power doesn't matter because they are ultimately helping the cause of restoring America to true Constitutional Law by supporting Congressman Ron Paul who is a force not to be reckoned with.


In the past few months it has become increasingly more difficult to determine who is speaking the truth when researching articles or who has been handed a disinformation story to deliver and that has definitely been a successful ploy of the dark cabal.  However, the outcome is, that it causes the true activist to dig even deeper and eventually paint a clearer picture of who the players are and how much they can be trusted.  There are other ways to determine that which is fiction and that which is not.


One book that comes to mind that has had proven success in discerning truth, is a book titled "Co-Creative Science" by Machaelle Small Wright.  It is not an expensive book and you might be able to buy a used copy from  However, this is a book everyone should read because it not only defines ways to get to the truth of the matter, it also helps you to refine your purpose and path here.   It is not meant to replace the due diligence of  doing the work, but it can help every facet of your life.  It has extraordinary benefits for your health, your environment and a way to address the many severe problems growing around us.  It is a science that anyone can apply to their own lives and it will make a difference.  The idea here is to help humans, the planet and all life form to co-create a more balanced world for all of us.  It is an amazing concept that when put to practice can fulfill your potential, the potential of the lives that surround you and the potential of this planet and its inhabitants to live harmoniously.  This trend is a much needed tool for all of us!


As stated in prior updates, the systematic endeavor to cause "revolutions" from one country to the next continues to be exposed.  In a recent article posted below, we see once again how the new world order globalists manipulate and use the young to carry out their agenda and although these young adults believe they are doing something good, they are serving a very dark cabal.  It is not a far reach for people to get swept up with dissent because the oppression of mankind has never been so predominant in our world.  However the illuminati  have had the means and the determination to have achieved this kind of control for decades by creating groups like "CANVAS", The Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies.   These uprisings are in no uncertain terms part of the new world order agenda meant to gain total control over the masses and we are going to see more of this until we see NESARA.



CIA Coup-College: Recycled revolutionary "props."


By Tony Cartalucci


"First noted by geopolitical analyst and historian Dr. Webster Tarpley, some suspicious similarities could be seen between the Egyptian unrest and another, known US-backed uprising in Serbia. Serbia's Otpor, or the "resistance," was funded to the tune of millions by the US National Endowment for Democracy. Its signature clenched fist logo adorned flags, signboards, and t-shirts carried by the US State Department-laid astro-turf until the ousting of Slobodan Milo�ević in 2000.


The exact same logo would turn up 11 years later across the Mediterranean Sea in the streets of Cairo, illustrating further the preposterous, foreign-backed nature of the Egyptian uprisings. Could it just be just a coincidence and Dr. Tarpley's take mere speculative conjecture? Not even close.


After its success, Serbia's Otpor would continue receiving funds from the West and become a "CIA-coup college" of sorts, under the name CANVAS, or "Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies." It appears that after the Egyptian April 6 Youth Movement finished attending the US State Department funded confab in New York City in 2008, it would make a trip to visit CANVAS in 2009. From there, it took CANVAS's "curriculum" and apparently their logo, and began assembling a US-funded mob in Egypt.


Amongst CANVAS's current "partners" are the Albert Einstein Institution, Freedom House, and the International Republican Institute (IRI). The IRI includes amongst its board of directors John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Brent Scowcroft. When John McCain says "We should have seen this coming," in regards to the unrest in Egypt, he obviously isn't talking about himself since he helped make it happen.


See with your own eyes, the absolutely shameless hoax foisted upon you, the general public, by your corporate owned mainstream media, the US State Department, and all the disingenuous leaders who have feigned ignorance and surprise over the premeditated and meticulously planned unrest still unfolding throughout the Middle East today, and NEVER believe a word they say again.


A final note to consider is that CANVAS is on record in Foreign Policy magazine's article "Revolution U," assisting the "Rose Revolution" of Georgia, the "Orange Revolution" of the Ukraine, and is currently working with networks from Belarus, Myanmar (Burma) and 50 other countries. Taking a look at their activities and the overall globalist agenda, it is clear they are involved in regime change that will directly assist the globalists in their encirclement of Russia and China.


John McCain went on to say of the unrest his IRI had helped fund in Egypt, "I would be a little less cocky in the Kremlin with my KGB cronies today if I were Vladimir Putin. I would be a little less secure in the seaside resort [of] President Hu and a few men who govern and decide the fate of 1.3 billion people."


McCain's careless comments, begotten of either senility or the utter contempt he holds the general public in, let slip the true nature of the game being played out via US-fueled color revolutions unfolding around the world. Indeed, this is about exacting concessions and forcing the integration of sovereign nations into the Anglo-American, unipolar world empire."



Congratulations for those of you helping to move NESARA to announcement.  NESARA IS the only answer that can begin to solve all of our social ills.   NESARA will immediately restore the America that was intended to flourish.  NESARA will rid the corruption and illegal activities of this shadow government and begin to heal the atrocities that have been perpetrated worldwide.  NESARA will begin to usher in a new era of love and peace and that is exactly what we need!  Together we are victorious!



NESARA Task Force

10:08 pm pst

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