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3.18.11- NESARA Holds The Illuminati Accountable For Crimes Against Humanity

As we expected, here come the false claims of radiation streaming across the Pacific.  This is part of the corporate media feeding frenzy to keep you glued to your television sets so you don't miss any commercials.  TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISIONS AND MAYBE CORPORATE OWNED MEDIA WILL HAVE NO ONE TO BRAINWASH.


How much radiation and where it resides in higher levels is dependent on where the economic war is being waged at that moment.  In this scenario fear has proven a successful tool for the dark cabal - once again.  We are radiated at the airport, the dentists, the doctors, the courts, right down to the cops with the 'radar' guns pointed at you to determine the speed you are driving in a car and now from the skies with chemtrails.  Of course the radioactive chemtrails are only there to bolster the cover story for the legitimate agencies monitoring the situation. There is no question of the disastrous effects this earthquake and tsunami will have on plant life, thousands upon thousands of human lives, now and later, eco systems, and the air. But no matter how many ways the illuminati find to radiate us, there are ways to circumvent being exposed to too much radiation. Below you will find an article on some good ideas on how to do just that written by Naturopathic Physician Robin Moore.


In addition, here is a little reading material to enlighten you on who it is, exactly, that is telling you where and what to eat; what to wear; what to watch; and keeping you informed on the latest lies. You are going to be shocked at how manipulated the truth is in our world today. Do your own homework to find out for sure. Meanwhile, to get you started, here is one very poignant example of one opinion that is in every living room worldwide. The opinion and agenda of Rupert Murdoch permeates thousands of media outlets all over the world. First you need to understand Murdoch's agenda, though.  A neoconservative, he is also a war mongering, oil imperialist, Bush supporter and a lying news editor.  Here is an article that expounds Murdoch's agenda:


After reading the above article, you will be even more shocked to find out exactly how much he owns and how he has been able to maneuver worldwide events to his advantage. It begs the question how much has his subliminal message taken hold???   What Rupert Murdoch owns is displayed at the end of this letter and you are not going to believe it.


As if this weren't bad enough, Mr. Murdoch is only one of a handful of individuals controlling what you hear and read.  They are outright liars and have only one agenda in mind, the new world order agenda.  This is why the internet is still the last place where you can dig up contrary and conflicting reports to mainstream reporting.  It is not that hard and even though these horrible people are trying to control communications, it is up to you the reader to research and discern the truth.


Here is one man's take on what is going on globally and the outcome.

Benjamin Fulford


The only difference between what Mr. Fulford believes and what The NESARA Task Force knows is whether the Bush's, the Rockefellers, the Rothschild's or any of their minions should be forgiven.  They should be made an example of, period.  There is no rehabilitation for these monsters, - NO FORGIVENESS for over a hundred years of crimes against humanity and this planet; especially because they have never had any intention of stopping their world domination plans.


We cannot even begin to fathom how many millions upon millions of people have died and continue to, at the hands of these wretched beings. There could never be a strong enough punishment and more importantly do we really want these people roaming the earth to start all over again.  It's simple math. In order to clean house and start with a clean slate (that has a chance to thrive), this dark cabal must be completely eradicated.  We can consider keeping one or two of them alive and incarcerated, in return for telling the world the real truth of all of the actions that this dark cabal has been responsible for. That�s the deal.  If one or two of the more prominent illuminati stooges want to save their hide, this is the ONLY way to do it and this is only for the purposes of educating the public on the necessity of being diligent in holding people accountable and for no other reason.  Understand in no uncertain terms, when NESARA is implemented, your television sets and all forms of communication are going to come alive with instances of just how accountable EVERYBODY is going to be held, the corporations included.


If we are sincerely committed to true Constitutional Law as the law of the land, then we must be diligent enough to adhere to it unconditionally and to be steadfast in its implementation.  Under true Constitutional Law every American WILL prosper, WILL have liberties that were ordained from the get go and this land WILL once again flourish as the beacon of light it was intended to be. Only then can we begin to heal the world.  In addition, Americans are going to have to buckle down to make amends with the people that this shadow government has tormented.  It doesn't matter that we didn't pull the trigger or murder anybody ourselves because much of the dastardly deeds have been falsely done in our name.  We can build a path to worldwide peace through NESARA and we can do it without bloodshed for everyone -except the dark cabal.




NESARA Task Force




Prevention Measures for Radiation Exposure

The following information is written by Olympia-area Naturopathic Physician Robin Moore, and is posted at


Robin E Moore ND

145 Lilly Rd NE, Suite 102

Olympia, WA 98506



               Prevention Measures for Radiation Exposure


In response to the recent damage to the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, I have written this hand-out to review methods to decrease health problems from radiation exposure. Thus far there has not been a large release of radiation because the radioactive fuel rods have not melted down enough to melt the containment housing of the reactor. There have been low levels of radioactive gas released, but these are not apt to have international effects.  However, in case a meltdown disaster does occur, you will have information to help minimize the effects on your health. How long to take these supplements is discussed later, but do not take them for more than a month without reviewing with your physician if they are safe for you.  Also, if you take any prescription medications, interactions with these supplements must be checked.


Iodine:  Radioactive iodine is released from power plant meltdowns.  It then lands in your thyroid gland because your thyroid uses iodine to function.  The radiation increases your chances of developing thyroid cancer and growths years later. (Other glands also use iodine such as your adrenals, but to a much lesser degree.)  To prevent this, take oral, over the counter iodine.  This will fill most of the iodine receptor (landing sites) in your thyroid gland which will prevent the radioactive version of iodine from attaching to your thyroid gland.  If there is nowhere to land, the radioactive iodine will move on and do minimal or no damage.

     Dose:  there is no precise way to know what dose will saturate the iodine receptor sites in your body.  Please note that the RDA dose of 150mcg is not intended to saturate your thyroid so we will aim for 1,000mcg/day.  You can buy this at most health food stores. Do not take iodine if you are allergic to it or have hyperthyroid. (not the more common hypothyroid, which is ok)


Anti-oxidants:  Most of the damage from radiation is from oxidative damage which can lead to cancers, tumors, and dysfunction of the affected organ.  Therefore, the best preventive measure is to increase anti-oxidants or �free radical scavengers�.  Fortunately, there are many strong anti-oxidants available to you via both food and supplements. Those mentioned here are just a few examples of good anti-oxidants.  Many of you will know of other examples.  You do not need to take all of the following supplements.  Pick half of them until the radiation exposure has cleared.

1.     Beta carotene- 25,000 IU/day.

2.     Vitamin C- 1,000mg 2 x day.(If diarrhea, decrease dose to 500 2xday)

3.     Vitamin E-1,000 IU /day.

4.     B-complex- such as is in a multiple.  Aim for about 10mg 2 x day with food.  (Brewer�s yeast � oz 2xday)  B-vitamins are not anti-oxidants, but they help the other nutrients do their jobs.

5.     Selenium- 400mcg per day.

6.     Glutathione-1,000mg 2 x day preferably away from meals ie � hr before or 1 � hr after meals.  (It�s ok, but less effective with meals.)

7.     Cysteine- 500mg 2 x day.

8.     Ginseng (either the Siberian or American type)-one capsule (1/4tsp)

           2 x day. Higher doses may be too stimulating for some people.

9.     Berries of dark color are also good anti-oxidants.

Doses for children:  The doses given above are for adults.  None of the items are contraindicated for children, especially when taken for a limited time.  Decrease the dose according to their weight.  Calculate what % of

120 lbs your child�s weight is and use that % of the above doses.  For example, if your child weighs close to 60 lb, this is 50% of 120 so use 50% of the doses.


When to start and stop this treatment:  Start as soon as we hear that the reactor has released a lot of radiation. If this happens, the radiation will not reach us for a day or two (watch the news) so you will have time to start.

Continue taking the supplements until we hear that the radiation exposure has diminished to a safe level.  I do not know who to trust for this information so use your own judgment.


Contraindications:   Do not take any of the above supplements if you are allergic to them or anything related to them.  Read the labels for any of your allergens, if you have any.  In particular, iodine can be allergenic so do not take it if you have reacted to iodine dyes or other sources of iodine.  You would usually already know if you have an iodine allergy.  As already mentioned, if you have an overactive thyroid, do not take iodine.


 Robin E Moore ND         3-12-11



What Rupert Murdoch owns:


Office of the chairman


See also: List of assets owned by News Corporation


  • Zondervan Christian book publisher
    • Inspirio - religious gift production.


  • US newspapers and magazines
    • Dow Jones & Company
      • Enterprise Media Group
        • Dow Jones Newswires - global, real-time news and information provider.
        • Factiva - provides business news and information together with content delivery tools and services.
        • Dow Jones Indexes - stock market indexes and indicators, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
        • Dow Jones Financial Information Services - produces databases, electronic media, newsletters, conferences, directories, and other information services on specialised markets and industry sectors.
        • Betten Financial News - leading Dutch language financial and economic news service.
      • Local Media Group
        • Ottoway Community Newspapers - 8 daily and 15 weekly regional newspapers.
      • STOXX (33%)- joint venture with Deutsche Boerse and SWG Group for the development and distribution of Dow Jones STOXX indices.
      • Vedomosti (33%) - Russia's leading financial newspaper (joint venture with Financial Times and Independent Media).
      • SmartMoney
    • The Timesledger Newspapers of Queens, New York:
      • Bayside Times, Whitestone Times, Flushing Times, Fresh Meadows Times, Little Neck Ledger, Jackson Heights Times, Richmond Hill Times, Jamaica Times, Laurelton Times, Queens Village Times, Astoria Times, Forest Hills Ledger, Ridgewood Ledger, Howard Beach Times


  • News America Marketing (Smartsource) (weekly Sunday newspaper coupon insert/website)
  • Australian
    • Alpha Magazine
    • Australian Country Style
    • Australian Golf Digest
    • Australian Good Taste
    • Big League
    • BCME
    • Delicious
    • Donna Hay
    • Fast Fours
    • GQ (Australia)
    • Gardening Australia
    • InsideOut (Aust)
    • Lifestyle Pools
    • Live to Ride
    • Notebook
    • Overlander 4WD
    • Modern Boating
    • Modern Fishing
    • Parents
    • Pure Health
    • Super Food Ideas
    • Truck Australia
    • Truckin' Life
    • twowheels
    • twowheels scooter
    • Vogue (Australia)
    • Vogue Entertaining & Travel
    • Vogue Living

Music and radio


  • Nashe (50%)
  • Best FM (50%)




News Corp agreed to sell eight of its television stations to Oak Hill Capital Partners for approximately $1.1 billion as of 22 December 2007. The stations are US Fox affiliates.[26]


Satellite television


Cable channels owned (in whole or part) and operated by News Corporation include:

  • Fox College Sports, a college sports network consisting of three regionally aligned channels, mostly with archived Fox Sports Net programs but also some live and original content.
  • Fox Sports International
    • Fox Soccer Channel, a United States digital cable and satellite network specializing mainly in soccer.
    • Fox Soccer Plus, a sister network to FSC, but including coverage of other sports, most notably rugby union. Launched in 2010 after News Corporation picked up many of the broadcast rights abandoned by Setanta Sports when it stopped broadcasting in the U.S.
    • Fox Sports Middle East - English language sports network airing in Middle East countries including Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE & Yemen.
    • Fox Pan American Sports (37.9%) - joint venture with Hicks, Muse, and Tate & Furst.


  • India
    • Hathway Cable & Datacom (22.2%), India's 2nd largest cable network through 7 cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai & Pune
  • Taiwan
    • Total TV (20%), Pay TV platform with JV partner KOO's Group majority owner (80%). News Corp also has a 20% interest in the KOO's Group directly


  • Fox Interactive Media
    • - website with sports news, scores, statistics, video and fantasy sports
    • MySpace - Social networking website, general interest website acquired through purchase from Intermix Media
    • MySpace TV, a video site which will host amateur videos, contents from net and studios that competes with Google's YouTube
    • Hulu (27%) - online video streaming site in partnership with NBC Universal and The Walt Disney Company.
    • Flektor - provides Web-based tools for photo and video editing and mashups.
    • IGN Entertainment - Internet entertainment portal (Includes the sites IGN, GameSpy, TeamXbox, and
    • Slingshot Labs - web development incubator (Includes the sites DailyFill).
    • Strategic Data Corp - interactive advertising company which develops technology to deliver targeted internet advertising.
    • - sports simulation and prediction website. Also provides fantasy-style sports games to play.
  • REA Group (60.7%)
    • (69.4%), Sky Italia also holds a 30.6% share
    • atHome group, operator of leading realestate websites in Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany.
      • Altowin (51%),provider of office management tools for realestate agents in Belgium.
    • (50%), News International holds the remaining 50%
      • Sherlock Publications, owner of portal and magazine titles 'Hot Property', 'Renting' and 'Overseas'
      •, most comprehensive UK estate agent directory.
    • PropertyLook, property websites in Australia and New Zealand.
    •, home renovation and improvement website.
    • Square Foot Limited, Hong Kong's largest English Language property magazine and website
      • Primedia - Holding co. of Inside DB, a Hong Kong lifestyle magazine.

Other assets

  • NDS - Conditional access technology and personal digital video recorders (PVRs) (49%)
    • Jungo
    • Timothy Coville
    • ITE, publisher of PlayStation and Mobile games, and interactive television
    • Orbis Technology - OpenBet, supplier of online gambling software
  • Broadsystem Ltd (UK) - Telephony provider for media companies, bought in 1991
  • Broadsystem Australia (Australia)
  • Broadsystem Ventures (UK) - provider of cheap-rate telephone calls, particularly for customers of Sky Television. Bought outright in 1999.
  • Jamba! - Mobile Entertainment/Mobile Handsets Personalisation/Games.
  • News Outdoor Group - Largest outdoor advertising company in Eastern Europe with over 70,000 ads including billboards and bus shelters, operating in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Israel, Poland, Romania, Russia (96 cities), Turkey & Ukraine.
    • Maximedia Israel (67%)
    • Mosgorreklama (50%) - Russia sign and marketing material manufacturer
    • Kamera Acikhava Reklamclik (?) - leading outdoor advertising company in Turkey



7:43 pm pdt

3.15.11 NESARA Immediately Ends The Global Economic War And Returns America To The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave

It is critically important to remain aware of the authenticity of EVERYTHING you are reading and listening to these days.  Know the source, follow the links, follow the trail and you will begin to understand the depth at which information is being manipulated and the lies that are now parroted as truth.  This is the wild hare ride we anticipated.  The illuminati (or one world order globalists if you prefer) will incrementally try to achieve each goal of total and complete takeover of the planet, its resources and its inhabitants.  We have been thrust into yet another war, the war on money.  It is a global war and although much of it is shown blatantly on their voice box (the television), it is all presented out of context complete with their nauseous lies that create a parallel story on what is actually taking place thousands of miles away or even down the block.


The truth that thousands upon thousands of lives, lost and suffering throughout the country of Japan due to the 8.9 earthquake, was actually caused by the United States of America Corp. and pretentiously in our name, is a horrible and mind boggling revelation.  We all can both sit back and deny that some American grown kid in the military did as he was instructed and obliterated thousands of lives, or we can admit to what this shadow government is turning generations of our children into.  The �attack� on Japan was a full out challenge to those few people who are not playing ball with Daddy Bush�s �Economic Plan Of Destruction�.  This is how Bush Sr. works and he is so over the top that it is insane to think this geezer is the tyrant wreaking havoc on the entire planet!  This remains to be the truth and it will not be long before those same people who aren�t playing ball will want to return the favor to us, here on the ground, in these united states of America, but they will be stopped.


Falling directly in line as ordered or paid for, are the corporate owned media stations who are foaming at the mouth with false allegations that Japan reactors are blowing up, with radiation levels spiking - when in fact they are creating and feeding a worldwide frenzy.  Do not be fooled.  This is an attempt to create hysteria in the masses to get people so riled that martial law can be more easily implemented.  Below is a link to an article that will help dispel much of what is transpiring within the nuclear plants themselves and debunks anything you might be hearing in main stream corporate run media.


Although this article boasts no significant change or alert for radiation being emitted into the air from Japan- any amount is too much if it�s created by humans.  We DO NOT NEED NUCLEAR POWER TO SUSTAIN OURSELVES!  The only radiation the west coast may be getting will be coming from the �chemtrails� they spray EVERYDAY!


The real American dream or way of life is so far removed from how we live today that it is ludicrous to even refer to it as the rest of the world sees us as a nation of monsters.  This is exactly why NESARA must be implemented - to end this horribly distorted existence of life on this planet.  There are 6 billion people on this planet and it is being thrown under the bus by a few million.  Are we going to take it?


The folks in Seattle, WA don�t feel they have to take it.  It may be at the local level but that is how you build.


Portland Activists Fighting FBI Fake Terror

By Tony Cartalucci - BLN Contributing Writer


�Portland Oregon based Media Monarchy recently tweeted a video of We Are Change activists taking to their local city hall demanding that their city remain out of the FBI's Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTF). In 2005, Portland became the first city in the United States to opt-out of the FBI's JTTF over concerns it would threaten civil liberties..�


The FBI has become almost as dastardly as the CIA, except for their ill and uncovered attempts at creating and turning loose on the public their manufactured terrorists that they of course claim to have successfully stopped. They are pretty transparent when it comes to seeing through their antics.  Such is a group called �Sovereign Citizens United� who at first glance appear to be constitutionalists but are soon uncovered through their sorted past.  The FBI recently put out a couple of articles �alerting� the public to these �anarchists� and how this �wave� of anti-government group followers are causing a rise in court cases.  Beginning to end this is a story created by the FBI of a holographic image of an activist group meant to entrap regular folks into thinking they are with people who truly represent the sovereign American, but this group does not.  This was more likely a group whose purpose initially was supporting true constitutional law but was infiltrated, and its course changed, by the FBI over a period of decades.  This became a way to take names and numbers for the FBI to turn around and use on you the purported terrorist!  Again beware of the wolf in sheep�s clothing; although their tail is sticking out, they just love manufacturing false events and people to trick you into being controlled and handled.  Even with their ongoing attempts at monitoring every citizen who speaks out against government policy, the CIA, the FBI, the DHS, (Department of Homeland Security), IRS and the list goes on, are all strong arms of the illegal shadow government, the United States of America Corp. that will be stopped, dismantled, and rung out to dry at NESARA�s implementation.


Worldwide technology and powerful corporations have bought and created this illegal manipulation of "news", so when reading, watching or listening to anything, ask who's backing them?  Who owns them?  Who do they owe?  What is their real agenda?  You won't be disappointed when you find out there are actually more good guys out there than may be reported but you better be prepared to dig.  Until the corporations take down the internet completely or create thruways for just the elite, you CAN still find the information right here on the internet, even with the plethora of disinformation, the internet is the last place left to hopefully get to the truth of the matter.


Remain clear headed and committed to a peaceful return to the true American ideal, which may or may not include holding treasonous government officials accountable to a punishment of an old fashioned death by hanging.  It may seem harsh but the illuminati, the Rothschild�s, the Rockefellers, the Bush�s, and all the thirteen families down to their minions can never be trusted again � NEVER.  They answer to a power that does not respect this planet, or the human way of life.


If we seek peace there must be balance.  We live in a universe where one of its most crucial components, or tool if you will, is friction.  So don�t worry that 'without dark there cannot be light� and visa versa, because it is inherent in all of us.  The dark and light has always and will always coexist.  The trick is raising societies built in love, peace and harmony where darkness remains only as much we as a society allow it.  This remains the due diligence of good people doing something when things go wrong and staying the course to the end.  Silly you may say, but have you ever known a baby born knowing hate.  That�s not how we came into the world and although the world we inherited isn�t peaceful and lovey-dovey, perhaps that is exactly why we are here, so that our children and our children�s children can begin to live in a world where humans and the planet thrive to their fullest potential.  These are the components built into NESARA.  Only NESARA can clean house immediately, giving us a clean slate from which to build.  That IS the battle right now.  Cleaning THE WHITE HOUSE and breaking loose from this chokehold upon our liberties can only be achieved peacefully and lawfully through the vision and law of NESARA.  NESARA is ready, are you?  We WILL return this great land of ours back into the hope of a better future for all, not just a few.  This is the promise of NESARA.  NESARA Yes!







NESARA Task Force

4:46 pm pdt

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