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04.17.2011 - NESARA's Gold; Kinesiology, The Truth Of The Matter

Dear NESARA Supporters,


It is glaringly clear that there are hundreds of opinions out there discussing NESARA, the global economic crisis, naturally 'planned' disasters, doom, gloom and GOLD.  We can all spend hours sifting through the barrage of information trying to determine if there is a thread of truth to any of it or you can use a simple test of kinesiology, the "Science Of Movement".  It is an extremely simple process that a child can be successful at implementing by utilizing one's own electrical system and muscles. In fact many doctors use kinesiology as a diagnostic tool in sports medicine, in determining the source or cause of one's ailments and health issues.  You can also acquire a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology whose course curriculum may focus more on the movement of the human anatomy.   It is a safe and proven method of getting to the truth of the matter and thousands of conventional doctors use it everyday.  You don't need a degree to accomplish the same end for your own personal needs.  You just need to know how to apply it.   


Some of you may have already been exposed to this natural modality perhaps in a visit to a chiropractor, naturopath or holistic, doctor and/or healer.  This practice is even used in some county hospital emergency rooms and there are many books that are published on the subject.  Although the focus has been working within the realms of health issues and nature intelligence communications, it can also be applied to every single question that needs answering.  


The simple fact that there is a natural intelligence that universally flows and exists with or without us seeing, or perceiving it, also means that truth is inherent in that knowledge,  and therefore our bodies naturally recognize and resonate to the truth when aligned with nature's intelligence.  In other words, how does a leaf on a tree come to fruition?  Did someone tell it, direct it or order it?  No, because nature's intelligence just flows, it doesn't need to study, examine and test an outcome because it already knows how to best achieve a fulfilling outcome for that leaf.  There is no guessing game at how and why that leaf is going to grow.  It is a tried and true formula that has worked for millenniums.  It's humans who love dissecting everything we get our hands on to figure out the how and the why.  Sometimes it just comes right down to trust.  But we must first start from a spiritual place, a pure and honest place.  What's the point of kidding ourselves if we are not really looking to hear the truth or to somehow be guided in a positive direction on our journey here.


If you already pray or meditate the flood gates are opened, because these processes align us with our higher self that in turn is directly connected to natural intelligence and inherent truth.  There is an old saying however, 'Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it'.  So when seeking the truth you also must be willing to accept the truth, even if it is an answer you don't like.  Learning to test accurately comes with time so don't base any major decisions on your answers just yet.   Although kinesiology is a very useful tool, clarity is key.


When we achieve a place of balance in our lives through meditation and prayer, we become more amenable to getting at the heart of the matter on any subject, because our minds become clear.  The daily distractions we are bombarded with suddenly are put in place where they belong.  The obstacles purposely put in our way are immediately unveiled as the deliberate destruction that they are, because our minds can see through it when we are in balance.  This discipline should be taught at a child's earliest learning point to ensure a lifetime of a clear, positive and progressive path that aligns with one's higher self and helps determine our place at this time in the universe.  Things remain crystal clear when we achieve balance. 


As adults, although we may not always be disciplined in praying or meditating, you can still start at any time and it will work.   If you are diligent at keeping a scheduled prayer or meditation session in your life, living will become easier than you can possibly imagine and your perception of life will increase in volume and understanding.  The human race has been stripped clean from understanding this simple tool we all possess  otherwise we would never have bought into the false propaganda our lives have been led to live.  The reality is that every human being has the capability to discern truth when we are in balance and we become capable of seeing through the lies being spread worldwide.  Once an individual recognizes and accepts a truth, the lie or false perception begins to fade, no matter how many times it is repeated or pushed down your throat.  That is why we must be diligent at praying and meditating, so we might keep the lines of communication open to receive all truths.  If we were to achieve this on a massively collective scale it would in turn shed light upon those who would rather you stay a slave to there perverted way of living, than stand up to the imbalances being perpetrated upon all of us.  Then the liars will begin to fade, like a bad dream, and the whole world can finally wake up!  Going within connects us to each other and to all life, and this is a partnership we can truly use to better our lives and our world.  It doesn't take every single human being to make it happen.  It only takes enough.


There are currently two kinds of applied Kinesiology.  Specialized/Energy Kinesiology and Applied Kinesiology/Kinesiologic Medicine.  The one main difference between the two is that Specialized/Energy Kinesiology often uses a "Straight Arm muscle test" and asks verbal "Yes and No" questions.  Practical applications requires two people to conduct the protocol, however you can achieve the same results by utilizing another exercise that is done alone which will be shown via the link below.  Applied Kinesiology/Kinesiologic Medicine does not work with verbal questions and uses hundreds of different muscle tests in the body.  For your purposes in determining truth, using Specialized/Energy Kinesiology is a quicker way to achieve the same answers.


This link: Kinesiology Testing will take you to an excerpt taken from a book that has been mentioned in these reports before - "Co-Creative Science-A revolution in science providing real solutions for today's health and environment" written by Machaelle Small Wright.  It is best to purchase the book so you can completely appreciate and begin to understand the science of this phenomenon.  It is highly recommended to read any of the series of books that Machaelle Small Wright has written regarding Co-Creative Science.  You will only become more astute at living if you do.  There are many publications, discussions and opinions on the subject of kinesiology, however no one has yet to prove, explain and best utilize it, as well as Machaelle Small Wright, an astounding co-creative scientist in her own right.  Learn the exercise and then learn to "use" the exercise correctly.



In addition, everyone should have a copy of Ms. Wright's book called "MAP - The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program"  as an absolute must in their library of health related subjects.  This one book and the approach it speaks of, is the ONLY medical treatment that any human needs to stay in control of their own good health.   Although it works in conjunction with any health modality you choose, it also helps to eliminate the health treatments you don't need.  Do your homework, get the book.  You can: Get the used book here or go here for a listing of all Ms. Wrights' publications.  If used books are available they are sometimes at a substantially lower price.  Her complete course is something that should be taught to children of all ages and is a beneficial addition to any educational curriculum.


The subject of discerning truth has become monumentally important given the current environment of bold faced lies and disinformation we receive through our representatives in government, television, radio and the internet.  This lesson in kinesiology is a reminder that you, and everybody you know, has the ability to find and accept truths about our lives, our world and quickly cuts through the fabrication of lies.  This is meant to be used as a tool for each of you while reading or listening to ANYTHING!  If you're writing a column or speaking publicly you still want to back your facts up with solid information, however for your own personal gratification when researching, kinesiology really cuts like a knife.


Truth:  Planet Earth is currently being bombarded in an economic war perpetrated by liars, thieves and thugs.


Truth:  We the people will rise from the ashes and transcend to a higher frequency consciously, only to leave this pubescent and teenage era behind.


Rise to the occasion people.  Your time is now.  NESARA is Now!  We are the people we have been waiting for.   Keep your heads clear and your path unencumbered to victory.  You don't have to guess anymore whether Obama is a natural born citizen, whether or not the US shadow government caused the earthquake in Japan on March 11 or who really was behind 911.  Study well - our future and the future of all generations depends on it.


Please frequent "The Key To NESARA" page where we update our current Private Placement Programs for investors who want to make phenomenal amounts of money on their investments.   This is key in getting NESARA announced.  We have had a lot of feed back and met some great people, but we still need that one investor to cross that threshold so we can get the gold necessary to begin the implementation of NESARA.  Although there is a whole lot of talk about gold, gold pricing, gold mining and how much gold there actually is, remember the agencies reporting the status are not always giving you accurate information.  There is plenty of gold to get the US back on the gold standard, whether it's mined, not mined or otherwise.  Use your kinesiology testing method to find out for yourself.  And don't forget to tell everyone you meet about NESARA - the only cure to our social ills!  NESARA NOW!!!!


NESARA Task Force



11:29 pm pdt

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