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5.15.11 - NESARA Heralds A New Age of Greater Good For All Societies

Dear NESARA Supporters,


In this world it is about choices. Good & evil are terms used to box the choices you make, into 'predetermined judgments' (inherent or invoked). Based on these preconceptions, what may be viewed as a bad or negative outcome, versus something that might otherwise be judged as a decent action or behavior that brings a positive outcome for one or more persons, are the results and consequences of the choices we make on our journey. How the world views your actions and how you view your actions can be as distant as night and day or as analogous as our connection to the "universal consciousness" that we allow. We always have the choice of growth, stagnation, or diminishment.


This goes on in our daily lives, year in, and year out. Every day we make choices about personal matters that could have a positive or negative outcome for either our own personal growth, or the growth of our family and loved ones. This can be under the headings of 'financial' growth, 'spiritual' growth, or our most convoluted subject, 'societal' growth. If in fact, you are someone who embraces a collective responsibility of decisions we make as a society, or if you will, a responsibility to the greater good of society as a whole, then you support NESARA's onset of leveling the playing field for everyone - spiritually, financially and as a society -together. Together we can achieve anything!


Because the illuminati have divided, conquered, and managed to successfully hypnotize the population at large in forgetting the inherent attributes we brought with us upon creation - the percentage of the population that IS currently awake, is all that is needed to reclaim our sovereignty, our place in the universe, and to further the growth of the human species devoid of imbalance.


Historically proven, humans are a societal species, we naturally commune, and as such we share a deep-seated social commitment to the larger group. Perhaps at times it was based more on fear of survival, while other time frames concentrated on bettering things for the generations to come. At this juncture humans are, once again, threatened with the fear of extinction and our survival mode has kicked in. There are all kinds of blogs, advertisements, pulpits and soap boxes that are stuffed with 2012 predictions, Armageddon, and depopulation through all out murder.


Regardless, it is 'WE' the people; 'WE' who are awake; 'WE' who will actively shape our destiny, and the destiny of the world. It is WE who remain diligent; WE, who have had to sacrifice our own personal and spiritual needs to continue the quest in protecting the world; and so it is, that 'WE' will remain decisive, knowing that ONLY through justice can there be peace.


A good example of a societal cohesiveness recently taking place, happened when the strength and veracity of the voice of the people was heard worldwide in support of one Congressman Ron Paul, who has garnered unprecedented support since his last attempt at becoming President of the United States four years ago. Groups and people from ALL walks of life are banding behind him because of his "unwavering and fundamental commitment" to true US Constitutional Law. The corporate media's character assassination of Dr. Paul is ludicrous and shameful. The truth of that particular matter is, the collective voice of the people is being heard, and so the illuminati are trying to �Shut It Down�! This is why it is very motivating to be reminded of just what our enemy is up to, and why we activists do what we do. Although the level at which the illuminati works is putrid, vile and inhumane, it is real and it must be addressed.


Every day the illuminati commit crimes against humanity. Whether they view it that way or not is irrelevant. It is the result that matters. We are in unprecedented times in terms of humans being eradicated at the hands of a few other humans. Their control runs deep but it is breakable.


The United States Central Intelligence Agency, (the CIA, The Agency, or The Company, whatever the code word is for the day), is in no uncertain terms, the worst creation this country has ever borne and it serves no one, BUT, the illuminati. Although one hand does not always know what the other is doing, more times than not, one way or another the dark cabal benefits from their actions. Whether the agents, hired guns, and employees, are complicit, naive, are 'only told pieces of the story', or just 'want-to-be's", it is a national disgrace that this agency is allowed to continue on with its despicable and utter contempt of all life form.


In this following link the X-CIA Agents interviewed in this film, did not come to their decision to speak out easily, for a multitude of reasons. However it is a common ploy for the CIA to dupe young college students into an exciting life of espionage and entice them with the thrill of being included in the inner circle. Even though you may have seen this film before, it is worth seeing again as a reminder of what this agency continues to do unmonitored, worldwide. This particular link is offering to show the whole movie for free, unedited and it is a much cleaner copy. The movie is called the "Secrets of the CIA� and every American should watch it.


Throughout the barrage of doom & gloom reports, there are stories that have remained consistent and when put in context with other illegal actions, distractions and staged events you get a clearer picture of an agenda in progress. This next article was put together in such a manner and has put much of what we know into an orderly and perhaps at times, too convenient illuminati road map. Reader beware though, use your discernment. For one, the article states that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently said that "Comet Elenin is affecting Earth". It's best to remember this is another "government agency" created by the illegal shadow government currently in power, and based on NASA's long and shrouded history, it is common knowledge they report ONLY information that might support the status quo's manipulation of information tactic. They lie. Not always, but enough to know they cannot be trusted. The article also suggests some survival methods and actions you might use, but again, you must make your own decisions on what may or may not be good for you and your circumstances. All in all this is a pretty good article, putting things in perspective and making it glaringly clear how hard the illuminati is working at implementing their world domination plans, and although they continue to proceed with their plans, they will not succeed. The more we shed light on what it is they are up to, the less likely their nasty plans will ever see light of day.


There are millions of players in the illuminati group but only a few control ALL of it. The thirteen families who have caused the devastation upon humans remain in power to date. They have handed down this self initiated entitlement, for generations. They are so far removed from how humans actually live and breathe that they are now considered no less than an extremely dangerous foreign entity and more importantly - our enemy.


Because NESARA will help rid the planet of this poison and implement so much change for the better of every American there is much to understand on how we got there and how we are going to carry on in our daily fight for our freedoms and real justice. This is why this next posting is crucial.


The Dove of Oneness dedicated her life to NESARA for the sake of humanity. She is a true hero and for those of you who were not lucky enough to know her or stay up to date with her newsletters, not to worry, because she left a very huge legacy as this next report will show and be reminded this is just one report. Dove worked consistently everyday towards NESARA's implementation. However she would not live long enough to see her work completed. That's where we come in. NESARA is still very much on the table. NESARA IS the only civilized answer to all our woes.


Although the NESARA Task Force has not engaged in taking donations for the cause, this Dove Newsletter speaks of the NESARA Lights program, where those people who have contributed certain amounts of money receive Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum and Diamond Lights in return. Each Light has certain advantages that will still be honored upon NESARA's announcement for those who have donated in the past. Dove was meticulous in keeping organized records, so we know exactly who has donated what and we want you angels to know you have not been forgotten. If in fact there are people who would like to donate to the cause, you can always email the NESARA Task Force at for specific instructions. This is not an agenda the NESARA Task Force has initiated because we lived the horrible scrutiny that Dove endured for taking donations to further the NESARA cause. The illuminati found every way possible to try and make Dove look as though she was stealing people's money when in fact that could not be further from the truth. Dove lived a very frugal, simple, and quiet life. She had no employment through all her years of dedication to NESARA as she felt it would take away from moving NESARA forward. There was no lavish estate where she resided, no expensive furniture, cars, vacations etc. No - the Dove of Oneness worked EVERY SINGLE DAY to move NESARA forward sitting in her chair researching, making phone calls, going without, organizing, planning and making sure to put NESARA in the minds of millions of people- and she did along with the help of thousands of devoted NESARA supporters who put their money where their mouth was. NESARA would have been a vague memory had we not had this one lone person fighting and scratching so hard for humanity to rise above this enslavement. This report is probably one of her more insightful reports which gives you, the reader, an inside view of what this one brave woman continued to accomplish.


NESARA immediately ends this chokehold that is keeping humanity from moving forward upon its announcement. Now let's get that gold so we can get on with the business of improving our world and all humans.





NESARA Task Force




[doveofo] Dove�s Search Finds Gold & Vast Funds for NESARA Benefits; NESARA Lights
February 13, 2007  8:10 p.m. PST


Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,


Today�s Dove Report is discussing financial and other benefits of NESARA, how I searched for and found the gold and large cash funds needed by NESARA, and also the NESARA Lights program. 




In July 2004, I stopped doing daily Dove Reports and began doing weekly Dove Reports to give me time to travel to investigate what must be accomplished to bring NESARA to announcement.  I learned in the Fall of 2004, that NESARA did not have the gold it needed nor did it
have the cash funds to pay off the bank debts of all American citizens.  We had been given wrong information about gold and funds by White Knight sources who supported NESARA. 


By July 2004, I had dedicated FOUR YEARS of my life to NESARA.  I began writing about NESARA in the Dove Reports in June 2000.  Because millions of people worldwide had been reading the Dove Reports � over
ONE MILLION visits PER MONTH to my website � I had communicated via private emails, postal letters, and phone calls with thousands of people around the world between June 2000 and July 2004.


I had dedicated myself to making certain NESARA is announced.  When I discovered NESARA needed ONE MILLION METRIC TONS OF GOLD, I decided I would somehow FIND the gold.  When I discovered there was NO MONEY to pay for NESARA�s �bank debt relief� � that the White Knights had been wrong about this too � I was absolutely DETERMINED to FIND the HUGE cash funds to pay off Americans� bank debts.


Most of you probably think these two missions � 1)obtaining the gold and 2) obtaining vast cash funds for NESARA � would be impossible. But you would be WRONG.  You haven�t had the benefit of MY YEARS of
communicating with thousands of people worldwide.  Through investigating thousands of possibilities and pursuing contacts with hundreds of people every month, I FOUND people who KNEW about SECRET VAST resources of cash and gold which we are lawfully obtaining for NESARA. 




I found vast resources of gold which we will be contracting to purchase for NESARA.  All we need are the signed contracts for the gold and to do a reasonable down payment on the gold to seal the contracts.  Most people do not know the TRUTH about the vast amounts of gold in the world because the �gold markets� in the world have long
been under control by the Rothschild�s in London; that is still reality in spite of denials by the Rothschilds. 


All leaders of �official� gold markets and organizations are
collaborating in the LIES put out about gold being scarce.  Gold is NOT scarce, but is severely controlled; just as the DeBeers family controls the supply of diamonds to keep the prices up. 


However, a great man, who is semi-retired from the British secret intelligence service � MI6 � sent me an email and then a secret postal package proving the existence of vast amounts of GOLD in secret locations.  I met with this gentleman in person during one of my trans-Pacific trips and learned much from him.  He IS one of the HEROES of NESARA because he generously gave of his personal experience of SEEING certain vast caches of GOLD, he provided pictures to me of gold caches he had personally seen and gave me the dates of his reviews of the secret gold locations, and he gave me his knowledge of the TRUTH about GOLD in the world.  


After many months of hard work, I found the gold sources with whom we will be contracting for NESARA.  The next issue was HOW to PAY at least a down payment on the gold.  The contracts with the gold sources will be sealed with a down payment on the gold prior to NESARA�s
announcement.  When money is paid on a contract, it makes it a valid contract.  Paying the down payments on the gold contracts will assure the gold suppliers that NESARA is buying their gold for America.


It cost THOUSANDS of dollars in communications and tens of thousands of dollars in travel for me to FIND and CONFIRM the gold sources.  YOU MADE IT POSSIBLE for me to accomplish this great mission by providing
CONTRIBUTIONS of funds which enabled me to do the years of communications and travel.  YOU are part of the process by contributing to support NESARA.


My next problem to solve was HOW to OBTAIN the funds to pay the down payments on the gold.  I had known about the secret international banks� MTNs trading programs for some years; I knew the trading programs were the FASTEST ways to raise LARGE SUMS of CASH.  I had
been writing in the Dove Reports about the international trading programs since November 1999.  I have spoken with hundreds of people who have some involvement in the trading programs and I found the best way to obtain the initial funds which we will put into trading programs to generate the funds for NESARA�s down payments on the gold. 

The $5 Million investment we are taking an investor into will result in the initial hundreds of millions of USD which will be put into the trading programs to raise the down payments for NESARA�s gold.


There was another HUGE resource I had to find for NESARA.  I discovered there were NO CASH FUNDS existing to PAY OFF Americans� bank debts.  The White Knights had told us there were funds, but my
investigations proved there were NO FUNDS.  I spent many nights tossing and turning, pacing the floor, and losing sleep due to worrying about HOW we could lawfully obtain the HUGE FUNDS to pay off Americans� bank debts. 


It�s IMPORTANT that NESARA does PAY OFF Americans� bank debts because the entire basis of debts owed to banks is FRAUDULENT.  Therefore, to reform the banking system, we must WIPE OUT the old debts and start
fresh with a new banking system which is NOT polluted by the old frauds.


Bank debts owed by Americans include:
    Credit Card debts � now averaging over $12,000 USD 

per household
   Mortgage Debts
   Home Equity Loans
   Vehicle Loans
   Student Loans
   Personal Loans
   Business Loans
   Lines of Credit
   Farm Loans
   Other debts

The TOTAL amount of bank debts owed by Americans and American organizations is in the QUATRILLIONS of dollars.  QUATRILLIONS are the next level up from Trillions.


After almost two years of investigations, traveling, meeting with people, and thoroughly reviewing different  possibilities, I traveled thousands of miles to CONFIRM the existence of VAST SECRET FUNDS which BELONG TO the US Treasury but were placed in a foreign bank by
extremely corrupt US government officials in 1989.  These funds have grown into ASTRONOMICAL AMOUNTS. 

NESARA�s Announcement will initiate the ABSOLUTE RECOVERY of these VAST funds, which are US Dollars, and these funds will be brought back to the US Treasury.  These ASTRONOMICAL FUNDS will PAY for all
NESARA�s benefits and programs.  These funds will enable America and Americans to become SHINING BEACONS of help to the world! 


These ASTRONOMICAL FUNDS will pay the NESARA Financial Awards to Americans, will pay off bank debts, and these huge funds will do much more for America and the world.  These ASTRONOMICAL FUNDS will pay for
ALL the improvements NESARA requires.  These funds will also initiate new programs of poverty elimination in America and the world. 


I have ALREADY CONFIRMED these VAST FUNDS, the fact they belong to the US Treasury, and the original seed money of these funds came from Americans.  These HUGE FUNDS are being protected and kept safe until
NESARA�s Announcement which will RECOVER these funds.


Again, it took THOUSANDS of dollars in communications and tens of thousands of dollars in travel across the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans for me to FIND and CONFIRM the HUGE CASH FUNDS which will be
brought back to the US Treasury to fund NESARA�s benefits.  YOU MADE IT POSSIBLE for me to travel and see PROOF of these HUGE FUNDS with my own eyes; YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS of funds  enabled me to do the long years of communications and travel which ultimately led to the discovery of these ASTRONOMICAL, already existing, funds which belong to the US Treasury and which will be RECOVERED and brought back to the US
Treasury immediately after NESARA is announced.  YOU helped by funding MY TRAVELS and communications with your contributions for Dove�s NESARA activities.


To provide the gold and huge cash funds to NESARA, there will be necessary amendments made to NESARA immediately prior to the NESARA Announcement. 

Now that I have explained that I have found the major components needed to fund NESARA and bring NESARA to announcement, I will cover some of the financial benefits which NESARA brings. 




In past years, I researched with people in the US and around the world and then authored a Report providing an overview of NESARA�s Benefits.

I published this overview, often with updated information, several times a year.  Today, I am doing Part 1 of a new overview of NESARA Benefits.

Increased Social Security Benefits


Many people, retired and disabled, living on federal government Social Security monthly benefit payments are NOT today receiving enough money to have enough food, a decent place to live, pay for medical costs, or cover other basic expenses.  Many elderly and disabled people are
suffering from poverty right here in the United States of America.

NESARA will immediately RAISE most people�s Social Security monthly payments to levels which will enable them to live more comfortably.

Other actions will also be taken to help these impoverished people.

Bank Debt Relief


NESARA will pay off the American banks and credit unions for all bank debts which currently exist at the time of NESARA�s Announcement, including Credit Card debts, Mortgage Debts, Home Equity Loans, Vehicle Loans, Student Loans, Personal Loans, Business Loans, Lines of
Credit,   Farm Loans, and other debts.  As of NESARA�s Announcement, Americans will be told to STOP paying American banks and credit unions, financial services, car dealers, department stores, and others for various kinds of bank debts.


The US Treasury will pay off all the bank debts within 30 days after NESARA�s Announcement.  The banks, department stores, car dealers, financial services, etc. will be extremely financially healthy by receiving cash pay-offs for all these debts all in one fell swoop.


Judgments, Collections, and Liens Related to Bank Debts Abolished


All judgments, liens, and collections actions related to bank debts will be abolished as of NESARA�s Announcement.  The bank debts were based on fraud, therefore, the collections, judgments, and liens are also not lawful.


Credit Reports Cleared of Bank Debt Issues

Because bank debts were based on fraud, all credit report items related to bank debts and which have late payments, foreclosures, etc. will be ordered WIPED OFF every person�s credit reports.  The three credit reporting organizations will be ordered to remove all negative
bank debt related items from credit information; the credit
organizations will be compensated by NESARA to do this data clean-up.


IRS Income Taxes Abolished


US federal government income taxes are totally abolished by NESARA as will be the tax collection organization, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Considerable, in-depth investigation has proven the federal income tax amendment to the Constitution was  NEVER properly ratified.  The IRS is the BULLY-BOY of the privately-owned Federal Reserve
banking system which has purposely been financially impoverishing Americans and is a foreign agent of the big European Banking families.  The IRS and income taxes are abolished as of the minute that the NESARA Announcement begins being broadcast from Washington, DC.


Some IRS employees and resources will be put under the US Treasury Department to collect NESARA�s national sales tax on non-essential, new items.  Food, medicine, and other essential items will be exempt from the sales tax.  The sales tax will fund the US federal government.


State Income Taxes Abolished


State government income taxes are also abolished by NESARA.


Property Taxes Abolished


A terrible, hidden fraud implemented by government is property tax.  Essentially, property tax implies the government owns your property.  This was absolutely against everything our Founding Fathers intended
when they founded the United States of America.  Property taxes are abolished by NESARA.  State and local governments will have NEW ways to raise funds for schools and other services, but property taxes are
abolished by NESARA. 


Under NESARA, the US Department of Interior will be authorized to issue alloidial titles for land we buy and full title for other real estate we buy, such as a condo on the 10th floor of a building.  Alloidial titles give full title to the land and neither the government nor anyone else can claim ownership of our land.  There is a restriction with alloidial titles: you cannot borrow against your land because that gives someone else �a lien� against your land.  Alloidial titles give full ownership, including mineral rights.

Farmers will be applying for farm production loans based on their business plans of raising crops, just as other businesses use business plans to justify loans.  Banks will be required to grant loans to farmers whose plans indicate they will be successful.


There are more NESARA benefits for farmers and other business people but today I am going to stay focused on financial benefits of NESARA.


NESARA Abolishes the Federal Reserve Banking System

The Federal Reserve Bank is one of the most insidious institutions in the world and has caused terrible suffering in America and the world.  The privately-owned Federal Reserve is sub-contracted by the US federal government to manage the US monetary and banking system.  The
Federal Reserve is owned by the major US and European banking families and is a TOTALLY UNNECESSARY subcontractor which has stolen trillions of dollars from Americans through huge frauds perpetuated on
Americans.  If you don�t believe it is a privately owned corporation, call US Congressman Ron Paul�s office in Washington, D.C. at 1 - 202 � 225 � 2831, as I did three years ago, and ask �Does the US government
own the Federal Reserve?�


With NESARA�s Announcement, the Federal Reserve is abolished.  Most employees and facilities of the Federal Reserve shall be absorbed by the US Treasury and become part of the US Treasury Bank System.
NESARA totally ENDS the frauds of the Federal Reserve.


Expanded Unemployment Benefits


NESARA will instantly end certain professions and jobs in the USA.  Therefore, there will be expanded and increased unemployment benefits.   Unemployment benefits will be considerably higher than they are today because some people�s lives will change due to NESARA.  NESARA will
have the money from the VAST FUNDS being recovered, therefore it will NOT be a �tax burden� to support our people who need help adjusting to the new economy.

There will be very expanded educational and training services for those whose jobs are gone after NESARA, such as IRS agents, tax accountants, etc.  There will be NEW opportunities for these people to work in auditing local, state, and federal government and corporations
TO ELIMINATE FRAUD, as well as other NEW work opportunities NESARA will bring.


NESARA will also authorize that ALL people who are unemployed are eligible for unemployment if they are willing to look for work, access new training opportunities paid for by NESARA, or go back to college, etc.  In the last 40 years, the federal government has been �cooking
the books� regarding the TRUE numbers of unemployed people in the USA.  The number of �unemployed� in the USA is MUCH higher than has been reported in the past 40 years due to purposeful lying by the federal government. 

Therefore, to fix this unjust treatment of Americans, NESARA will authorize a large expansion of unemployment benefits to people who make the effort to find new work, undertake new training, or new education, for at least two years until NESARA�s Financial Awards begin being paid.

NESARA Financial Awards


I know for a FACT that if we had no problems from corrupt governments or power-hungry religious leaders, we COULD END POVERTY IN ONE YEAR worldwide.  Two of NESARA�s long-term objectives are: to end world poverty and to bring world peace.

We will start by providing universal prosperity to all Americans who are mentally competent and age 21 years or older.  The NESARA Financial Awards program will begin making monthly financial payments to Americans approximately two years after NESARA�s Announcement.
Each eligible American will receive $10 Million USD in current dollars over ten years time; One Million Dollars per year.  This equates to one million USD divided by 12 months which equals monthly payments of $83,333 USD or Eighty-three Thousand, Three Hundred Thirty-Three
dollars each month for ten years � when expressed in current dollars.


Every eligible American will be instructed to apply for these
Financial Awards; applications will be available at every US Post Office and other locations.  Every American who applies will be required to pass a literacy test in person.  If an American cannot pass a literacy test, free instruction will be provided to that American so he/she  can pass a basic literacy test in American English.  Americans who control large sums of money must be able to read, write, and do basic math in order to be competent to handle the funds.

All Americans receiving Financial Awards will be required to dedicate a percentage of their funds to humanitarian projects of some kind.

All Americans will be expected to work at least six months a year and to assist in finding their own replacements for the other six months a year or to help train their replacements where appropriate.  Americans may also work six months a year in a humanitarian project.  Americans may take six months a year off from working if they wish; this is
because a major cause of illness is stress; Americans as a whole need to de-stress in order to be healthier. Americans will have options as to how they structure their working time and off time, within certain guidelines.  The relatively few Americans who hold essential positions will need to make special arrangements and may not be as free to take six months or half-time off, but strong efforts will be made to enable the maximum number of Americans the ability to work half time and be off work half time.

NESARA requires the US government to assist in finding and training people from other countries to be ready to fill positions in America which will open when Americans begin receiving Financial Award payments.  Again, I have ALREADY IDENTIFIED the VAST CASH FUNDS which
will pay these payments; these funds belong to the US Treasury and were put in a foreign bank unlawfully by corrupt federal government political leaders and officials.  These funds will be brought back to the USA immediately after NESARA�s Announcement.


I�m aware there is fairly high unemployment in other countries around the world.  Therefore, NESARA will authorize outreach opportunities to educated, skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled people in other countries to bring them to the USA to help fill the work openings due
to the Financial Awards payments to Americans.


If you people living in other countries wish to work in America, please LEARN to SPEAK, READ, and WRITE American English.  NESARA will authorize large numbers of English classes and literacy classes to be established in the USA and also in other countries to prepare for the
new employment opportunities the Financial Awards payments will create. 


There is a strong desire to avoid adding to the �brain drain� which happens when professionals in third world countries, such as citizens of African countries who have been educated as medical doctors, do not wish to practice medicine in African locations which do not have basic
medical technology and services available.  �Brain drain� results in educated professionals leaving their own countries to go to other countries to work where the work conditions are better and perhaps the pay is better.  We are researching how to avoid causing a greater
incidence of �brain drain� than already exists.


NESARA Greatly Expands American Peace Corps


One of the ways NESARA reaches out to help people in other countries is through a dramatic EXPANSION of the American Peace Corps activities.  Again, the VAST FUNDS which will be brought back to the USA after NESARA�s Announcement will easily fund the expanded Peace


The Peace Corps and other similar organizations will reach out to bring clean water supplies, food, clothing, farming, sanitation, homes, medicine, education, communications, and new electrical energy devices, and other basic requirements to poor people worldwide. POVERTY can be ELIMINATED, and NESARA is the beginning of eliminating




I have seen in my mind for well over 20 years the picture of people of every race, every religion, every country living HEALTHY, FREEDOM-BASED, PROSPEROUS lives in which each person is VALUED for his or her unique contributions to the world.  Where every person is
SELF-ACTUALIZED and has the time and support to expand themselves as fully as they desire as an eternal spiritual being � part of the Creator � expressing as a human being in this life. 


I have known for many years there is more than enough money and resources in the world for EVERYONE to be a millionaire.  I use the term �millionaire� because we all realize that having a million dollars USD means we have funds to purchase many options which we cannot access at this time.


It is TIME in the history of Earth�s people for people to LEAVE a �survival-based� life behind and instead to embrace a life of great prosperity and opportunities to expand oneself and BE OF SERVICE to the world and others through each person�s unique gifts.


There are many signals and indicators that THESE CURRENT YEARS are a special time on Earth.  The Tibetans� ancient knowledge says that one age is ending and another age is of 5,000 years is beginning.  The Mayans� calendar, the most accurate calendar known, showed that in December 2012, �time as we know it� would change.  The Mayans did NOT say the world would end; they said TIME as we KNOW IT will end; this is because TIME itself will change in ways that assist us in having a better world.  Other ancient cultures have pointed to THESE YEARS as PIVOTAL YEARS when the DOOR IS OPEN to new ways and experiences.

No one is doing this �for us�.  As the Hopi Indians said, �We are the ones we have been waiting for.�  WE are the answer and WE have the capabilities within ourselves to LIFT the WORLD!


I am DEDICATED to NESARA because NESARA OPENS the DOOR to a whole new and wonderful life for all people worldwide! 




A psychologist friend once said to me: �She/he who has the KNOWLEDGE, also has the RESPONSIBILITY.�  What this means is that the person who has crucial knowledge has a responsibility to utilize the knowledge for the greater good. 
I have taken responsibility for leading the actions to obtain the resources for NESARA and move NESARA to Announcement.  As I have shown in the foregoing sections of this Report, I have the KNOWLEDGE of HOW
to obtain the resources and utilize the resources so NESARA is totally successful; therefore, it is incumbent on me to carry the responsibilities of moving NESARA forward.  I am fulfilling these responsibilities and certain other people in specific crucial positions are also helping by taking necessary actions.


One of my responsibilities is to raise funds to keep our NESARA activities going.  We are doing MUCH MORE than just posting Reports on a website.  We are carrying out crucial, physical actions to obtain the funds for NESARA�s gold and then to move NESARA to announcement. 


EACH of YOU who have contributed to Dove over the years has also been a part of our NESARA actions.  By your contributions, you have helped us carry out our NESARA activities.  I have always said that I believed the �regular people�, not just people holding high positions,
would be involved in bringing NESARA to the world.  YOUR contributions have been how each of you has participated and you can continue to participate in bringing NESARA to the world.


I established the NESARA Lights program to HONOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS to NESARA.  You can choose whether or not you wish to be publicly honored in the plaques which will be part of the NESARA museum in Washington, DC which will honor those who helped bring NESARA about.


I believe it is very important that the average person in the United States and in other countries REALIZES that �regular people� in the USA and around the world were the ones who fueled the efforts to bring NESARA to the world.  One way we will SHOW other people that a small
group of people CAN create world improvements, is by having the NESARA Lights plaques displayed, along with other information, in the NESARA Museum after NESARA is announced.


It�s important that other people BE INSPIRED to do their own improvement activities; the NESARA Lights will be inspirations to people worldwide after NESARA is announced.  Perhaps the inspiration of NESARA Lights will boost people in Australia, England, Canada, Japan, China, and many other countries to DO THEIR OWN ACTIONS to
improve their countries.


I have heard from numerous people who are excited about being part of the NESARA Lights program.  People from America AND people from OTHER COUNTRIES will be recognized as NESARA Lights.  ALL of you who have
contributed have PLAYED a ROLE in moving NESARA forward and you deserve to be recognized.


We do, today, need to raise additional funds to keep our NESARA actions moving forward.  When NESARA is announced, NESARA will be a HUGE SHINING LIGHT to a world currently overcast with dark clouds.  It is crucial that we continue our NESARA actions. 


We have recently had huge expenses involved in preparing to obtain the funds which will be used as down payments for NESARA�s gold.  I developed the NESARA Lights program in recognition of your financial support of NESARA; your contributions have been the FUEL that
energized our NESARA actions.  You deserve recognition and appreciation.


For those of you new to the Dove Reports, here�s an overview of the NESARA Lights program.  NESARA LIGHTS are people who contribute funds to support our NESARA activities.  There will also be other ways we
will honor those who have helped, but have not been able to contribute funds.


It�s a FACT of LIFE that our NESARA activities have involved expensive communications and expensive TRAVEL costs which are absolutely essential.  We have five categories of NESARA LIGHTS based on the
TOTAL amounts of your contributions over the years:




NESARA GOLD LIGHT -    $500 USD to $999 USD




Following the NESARA Law Announcement, there will be a new NESARA section established at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., which will honor those people who helped provide the crucial funding needed for bringing NESARA to announcement.    There will be several large
plaques displayed in the NESARA section of the Smithsonian which will, upon approval by each contributor, list the names of those who contributed funds to keep NESARA going. 


NESARA is the unseen war to WIN YOUR FREEDOM; each of your contributions is fueling NESARA�s victory in bringing freedom, liberty, justice, and prosperity to America and then to the world.


We are around 80% of the way to obtaining the funds to put into trading programs to fund the down payments on NESARA�s gold. 


EACH of you who contributes will be contributing to YOUR OWN better future and a better future for the people you love.  Please send your contributions to:

3430 Pacific Ave SE #A6-217
Olympia, Washington  98501


Please send your contributions in cash, money order, or checks; make money orders and checks payable to �Dove�.  Please include your name, address, telephone number, and email address so we may provide your
�rewards package� to you within 2-3 weeks of receiving your NESARA LIGHTS contributions.  All information is kept strictly confidential and each person will be contacted AFTER the NESARA Law Announcement regarding whether they wish to be acknowledged on the plaques to be displayed at the NESARA Museum in Washington, DC.  We will also use your address to invite you to the NESARA celebrations I will be hosting.


If YOU are sending a NESARA LIGHT contribution, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL to inform me that you are sending a NESARA LIGHT contribution, the amount, and when you intend to send it.  This will help us in our
NESARA efforts.


MY SINCERE THANKS to those of you who have already sent your NESARA Light contributions and who have replied to my last email stating you are sending a NESARA LIGHT contribution! 


Together, we are bringing NESARA to the world!  NESARA Now!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
Executive Director
International NESARA Take Action Teams

Dove uses a pen-name for security and privacy reasons. The term "White Knights" is borrowed from the Wall Street Journal and the world of big business hostile takeovers when a vulnerable company is "rescued from a hostile takeover by a White Knight� corporation or wealthy person.
Certainly, these people fighting to bring Americans and the world the benefits of NESARA and to rescue our people from government and banking fraud deserve to be called �White Knights�.  Our WWW.NESARA.US
website has had over 40,136,549 visits since October 2003.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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