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It has been exactly one year since the last NESARA Update was posted by the NESARA Task Force. This was done at the direction of the Benevolent Forces. It has been a year of discovery, enlightenment and the continued realization that things were always bigger than they appeared. The current sense of global teetering is why this report was directed to be written and published.

The change that is coming just beyond the horizon, is going to effect the planet, the solar system, the galaxy and ultimately those of us living will never know the results it will cause , however, future generations will. It would be helpful if every abled body person picked up a pencil and paper to start writing a journal about "their" world as they see it - right now, and then hand it down. The more families share their stories of living- the more society will remember, reexamine and return to its core values.

This change is not necessarily about one country, one currency, one world order or ascension - not even. It is all of it and the ONLY way to approach that monster is one rung at a time, from the bottom up. Starting in our homes, our blocks, and our communities - people must not be afraid to voice their concerns freely, to share ideas, to correlate and communicate. We are all miniature paradigms of the world we live in, so in theory if every one on one discussion or if every decision made, from the bottom up worldwide, was for the greater good - there would be balance. That is all that is required for change to happen AND for humanity to flourish. It's a 'no fail' remedy that you can use every day with every decision you make to keep yourself and your immediate world in balance.

Those that have come before us, ET's, Ancestors, or to those whom you pray, all know one thing for sure; they failed us. That is why we cannot allow ourselves to fail. It does not matter in what capacity we receive help from above to get this job done. It is only our intent, motivation, commitment and sense of balance that will complete it. Only "We The People" can.

Continue to read, research, discover, recognize and spread the truth no matter how overwhelming it may seem. We know there are hundreds of proclamations, reports, and channelings to be made internet wide. The sad part is that ALL of these avenues carry some truth but for the most part carry a lot of fiction. To say it has been difficult to decipher the froth of information pouring out worldwide would be an understatement. The only way to get through it is to dig deep and use your logic. Eventually truth makes itself extremely apparent.

In addition, this report is being written to enlighten all who read this in the United State of America, the Republic. Your country was stolen and the only way to get it back at this juncture is to visibly and monetarily support the' Ron Paul for President 2012 Campaign'. His campaign is shedding all the light you need to see through the veil of lies. Your voice has never been more important than it is right now. Americans must defeat the status quo in this election and you must do it by honest and inventive means! Ron Paul IS part of the formula for success worldwide, and for the final implementation of NESARA. Do not allow Ron Paul's message of liberty to get lost by mainstream media or forgotten by your neighbors. Spread his message far and wide, even at the expense of mockery. You must keep liberty alive! Individually, and collectively, we must become one cohesive message on the future of humans and earth. Balance must be achieved and maintained starting now!� Who among you will now pledge their sword to ours? Shout it loud and clear - "Give me Liberty or Give me Death!", there is no in between.

Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL

NESARA Task Force
3:20 pm pdt

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