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12.31.12 Thank you Dove! Happy New Year to All!!!

We of the NESARA Task Force have been working behind the scenes to implement the NESARA Law since 2000.  If it not for the Dove of Oneness, Shaini Goodwin, and her vast amount of work, none of you would even know about the National Economic Security And Reformation Act.  We find it very disconcerting that none of you have even mentioned her name, but yet proclaim to know people and insiders, regarding the status of NESARA.  Those people touting this are "want to be's".


We of the NTF stay informed and have read all of the dissertations on NESARA while we have been diligently achieving it's end goal.  These folks who are meshing NESARA together with the Dinar, World Global Settlements, Prosperity Programs are way off track.  NESARA is unique to itself.  It has nothing to do with implementing the Dinar, nor does the Dinar have anything to do with implementing NESARA.  The same goes for all other purported funding.


NESARA belongs to America, it is a law written for and by Americans.  It is only for the purposes of applying it to the rule of law. Because there is absolutely no one to trust in implementing it, NESARA to date sits waiting.  Your three branches of government are gone, they no longer serve the people who hired them, so any hope of having these people help, or even step aside, is a null and void conversation. 


The military is in array.  Although we have "millions" of retired and active members who fully support NESARA, the Constitution and America, they don't even know who to trust anymore since they have systematically been dismantled into warriors for hire.


We are diligently working to get the NESARA Law that was intended enacted.  We have been working with multiple sources to get it into the right hands to be enacted.  We will continue to do so as every natural born American Sovereign is entitled to the inalienable rights granted by birth.


NESARA will not happen unless it is accomplished by the upstanding, law abiding, God fearing,  American born sovereign.  There is no "Society" white, dragon or otherwise who knows, understands or cares about America enough to protect it the way down home Americans can and will.


Do not believe the rhetoric, if you want answers or if you want to help, write to the email below.


Let 2013 be the year Americans truly unite for the one cause most important to humans - survival!  Bring on NESARA NOW!



The NESARA Task Force



11:43 am pst

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