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1.13.13 NESARA Law - The only law worth fighting for!

In the past few weeks there have been actions to move NESARA forward. These actions must be kept secret until that defining moment we have all been waiting for. It is no mystery, to most intelligent Americans, that our voting process, and visions of the government remotely acknowledging our concerns, is an 'Epic Fail'! Therein lays the quandary that decent patriots must face head on. To beat the status quo at their game means you have to play the game. We know through thorough research there is a long list of true patriots over the past 100 years who have tried to do just that and we are still spiraling into a fascist tyrannical government. That is because the government that pretends to govern us is an illegal, evil minded, greed driven group of psychopaths, who don't even play their own game very well. If we cease to acknowledge this illegal government there are no obstacles before us. If we actually claim our sovereignty by disavowing ourselves from the status quo we have a chance of building the dream we have come here to achieve. All things are possible when we work together!


Some very aware patriots have identified that and you can see it all over the internet. Everyone is chiming in on some version of a new law, amendment or acts to reinstate, rediscover, redesign and implement freedom. None of these actions are complete in the totality of what needs to happen. NESARA is the only law in its entirety that will ensure we are rid of all illuminati AND corruption from our government for good, and eventually the world. NESARA is the only law that will IMMEDIATELY restore America to the beacon of light it once was, and return sovereign Americans to the self-governing people as intended by our forefathers.


Yes, fellow patriots, the law is in hand and how we implement it depends on us. That is exactly what the NESARA Task Force has been up to. The Plan. Shaini Goodwin, The Dove of Oneness, left such a legacy, even her passing could not keep her plan from moving forward. That is because NESARA IS the Divine Intervention necessary to turn things around for the inhabitants of this planet. Yes, the game plan is in motion, but not all players are in place. So we look to you fellow patriots, once again, for help.


Because the NESARA Task Force represents every sovereign American, it is in our best interest to lay it in your laps. We need help. Not the kind you may think either. We are looking for folks, who solidly support NESARA; who have excellent researching skills; and who consider themselves a declared sovereign person.


If you want to get involved, please write to this email address. Put 'Help' in the subject line and include a return address or phone number.


What all Americans need to understand is; it is the individual who will cause change to manifest. EACH individual from within, and then together we will be victorious!



NESARA Task Force


9:09 am pst

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