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**Video: NTAT MEETING L.A., CA 10.08.2005** 

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12.31.14 God And Patriots Save America; NESARA Continues To Deliver Its Message

This message goes out to all patriots of the United States of America, The Republic. 

First it is the NESARA Task Force's heartfelt prayer that each of your lives have found peace, joy and love during this holiday season. It is always good to connect the human experience and in retrospect, remind ourselves who we are, where we came from, and how our beliefs or non-beliefs have shaped our lives. Hopefully one doesn’t have too many regrets, and that we have learned our lessons from some of those mistakes we all are bound to make along the way.  In any case, you made it! Congratulations!  Now pull your boot straps up because things are going to get crazier.  The time is upon us and we all know it. Things will be changing drastically and yet, this is the other scenario we have been preparing ourselves for (other than the one we had hoped for).  That is the beauty of this ever evolving life.  Buoyancy is mandatory, the ole bob ‘n weave is crucial, and staying one step ahead of the game is critical.

The current status of NESARA is still a viable plan that we, the NTF, have not stopped managing, working at and implementing.  We have had a tremendous outpouring of folks who want to help by contacting the NTF ( with ‘help’ in the subject box.  To you folks we say thank you, thank you, thank you!  We are still in the process of vetting and delegating tasks so please sit tight - we will get to each of you!  There are many, many, ways all of us can help to bolster NESARA, so please check out some ideas on our page titled “Action Plan”. 

So many factors are in play right now that it is impossible to see when that brass ring is there for the taking, but we are diligent in making sure it hasn’t and will not pass us by.  That is our promise to NESARA and the world.  We also continue to receive very interested patriots who want to help by way of an investor.  If you check on our page “YOU CAN HELP!!” you will find out how you too can help find that lynch pin moment that turns everything in our favor AND make some phenomenal money as a result.  Although that in itself is motivating, every person who has tried to help, wanted to do so for the sake of NESARA and humanity.  That says a lot about the kind of people who have gravitated towards this project, loving, giving, insightful and common sense loving folks, who realize this is not the way we should be living.   It is so inspiring to talk and deal with people from every walk of life who want the same thing you do, and those are the moments when you realize you are not alone, not crazy and even more exciting - that connect, that human bond, when activated – is electrifying!  That is the spirit from which NESARA was born and is what keeps her moving forward and into the light.

The National Economic Security And Reformation Act was a miracle.  The people behind it can never be forgotten.  ALL the tenets of this one act CAN and WILL lead us in the direction necessary to fulfill that promise of the pursuit of life and liberty because it was built upon the self-righteousness of law abiding, salt of the earth, normal, everyday people.  The kind of people who weathered decades of documents, court proceedings, character assassinations, imprisonment and in some cases murder and you can see them right in our video on the page titled “Video: NTAT Team Meeting L.A., CA 10.08.2005”.  It is an extremely important wealth of information, which you won’t get anywhere else, if you want some meat and potatoes understanding of the history of NESARA.

Do you hear it?  The call has been made!  The American Patriot is alive and well.  You’ve seen it in Spokane, WA, Bundy Ranch, Ferguson and the Oathkeeper’s who know it’s their duty to help fight oppression and tyranny.  In that vein it is every American’s duty to fight tyranny, EVERY AMERICAN and it is catching fire quickly! However violence towards each other and the destruction of properties will not bring justice, not while your enemy has the gold, the quasi-paramilitary robots, a television mouthpiece and an EMP weapon to keep your mind distracted. It is imperative to fight the destructive health elements put upon us, (stop eating and drinking the food their poisoning us with, for one), we must be smart about keeping our mind and bodies healthy and be vigilant in giving the Constitution the dignity it deserves by protecting and upholding this true law of the land through righteousness.  Do not become the thing you hate but be forthright in rectifying the wrongs committed by these traitors – be relentlessly, again and again.  Now is the time to shout it loud and shout it clear, you really aren’t going to shut up by ignoring or allowing injustice! The far too many patriots that were silenced because they tried to stop this total disregard of the Constitution in the last one hundred years, is unforgivable. 

The United States Government Inc. must go!  NESARA takes care of that. The Federal Reserve must go!  NESARA rids us of that monstrosity!  The Fiat currency forced upon us must go! Gone! Pretty much all government agencies AND associations, or treaties with foreign entities (UN, Council On Foreign Affairs, Trilateral Commission….the list goes on) need to be eliminated and for that matter we need to turn off our televisions!!!  Gone! Gone!  Gone!  You will NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT find any truth from the main stream media, nada.  Corporations have TOTAL control of everything you see and hear. You will only get a mind numbing, contrived, simple set of images, and data, painting a parallel world that exists only if you embrace it and that includes their comedies and drama series’ called “entertainment”.  It is time to throw this hypnotic baby out with the bath water.  Enough is enough.   1913 needs to be completely repealed and we need to gut ALL three branches of government.  Fire all the bums!  Oh wait, in one fell swoop NESARA does that too! Gone baby!

We can never stop searching out truth.  When the tides are against you and you, quite frankly are starting to scare people with your findings, you can pat yourself on the back for not leaving someone in ignorance.  It doesn’t matter if they disbelieve what you’ve learned, just challenge them to prove you wrong.  If you’ve done your research (the truth IS out there for all to find), and courteously deliver your message, you will be righteous because you took a chance to connect the human experience yet again.

For the sake of all generations to come, together - we must not let the tyranny that is trying desperately to close in on the human race, complete their design.  Their plan, their wealth, and their lives WILL be taken from them, not just because of the atrocities they have perpetrated upon the human race, but far more importantly because the head of THIS snake and ALL of its loyal mutants must be severed completely.  Remember the pendulum has almost swung full circle so in order to guarantee a true clean slate, eradicating that which chooses to defile the human being can never be allowed to infiltrate the magnificence of this species ever again. That will be the legacy we teach the generations to come when we do achieve this cleansing.  

As keepers of the law, NESARA sits in waiting for that defining moment to be implemented.  For now Lady NESARA is protected with the utmost honor she deserves.  What the bad guys don’t realize is they will never kill the destiny of the vision of NESARA, because it represents the road home to decency, justice, prosperity, growth and so much more. This so people like you and I, who long to set the world straight, who came to and promoted NESARA, might leave a legacy of strength and clarity behind.  Let it be said, you have fulfilled one of the greatest legacies to leave your children’s, children simply by using YOUR voice.  Do not ever forget or minimize that.  It takes courage to stand up and be heard when it is contrary to the status quo and you will ultimately inspire your children and others to carry on by using their voice!

Regardless of what appears to be the ‘public at large stupidity syndrome’, know this; people are joining the fight every day; the White Knights are still working behind the scenes; and we all may be very surprised to see how this all pans out in the end.  Remember, all is NOT what it seems when it comes to this government and their lies.  This truly is the darkest before the dawn.  How long it goes on depends on whether humans choose to succumb to idiocy or rise above, and there are thousands more of us who indeed have awakened.  It is our contention that the human race is one of the most resilient species on the planet and that we shall overcome!  We are all willing to put our lives on the line if it means protecting our loved ones, so now is the time to start protecting one of the greatest legacies given to us, out of love, from our forefathers’, whose hopes and dreams it was that every generation protect and uphold our birth right through the United States Constitution.  Failure is not an option!

Keep searching for truth; turn off your televisions and usurp the last known bastion of freedom – the internet; make the human connection, get involved in your communities; scream at the top of your lungs you will not succumb to slavery; and take heed in diversifying your wealth to stay on the safe side.  Protect yourselves, your families, your wealth and stand strong patriots.  Together we are victorious!

May 2015 begin the golden era of awakening, rectifying, forgiving and rebuilding the human connection out of love for all things big and small on this gorgeous blue planet we live on!  Happy New Year from the NESARA Task Force.





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