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Dearest NESARA Supporters,

In no uncertain terms we are at the crossroads of all that is good, losing to all that is bad.  Even the term ‘darkest before the dawn’, has lost its significance because total insanity has been lit up like a Christmas Tree for the world to stay focused on.  Watching the insanity at what is being allowed to happen across the planet, the insanity of wondering what you could possibly do to stop it, or better yet - will you be able to protect yourself or your loved ones from a world gone mad? 

The horrific Paris attacks are the most recent atrocity carried out upon man and if you have been keeping abreast of world, national, local business, and political news, then you do not need an explanation as to why this is happening.  November 13th crossed a line for millions of­­ the inhabitants of this world collectively, it has also awoken the beast in those who smell ‘the threat of extinction’, but not everyone is on board and critical mass is crucial.  For those who haven’t yet fully grasped the reality of our world, it is our duty to let them know.  Whether they want to hear it or not, your only rebuttal necessary is for them to prove you wrong.  Inform them and do not leave them in ignorance.

To date we know: Sovereignty continues to be stripped away one country at a time, and America is next; humans have moved from having freedoms to now having none;  the elite are slowly extinguishing the human race with each false flag terrorist attack they orchestrate; divide and conquer has seeped deep into the souls of those who should have been logical people - but the brainwashing, the chemicals in our food and air, have left the future of the planet and human species completely vulnerable; moreover, corporations and the elite own everything (including your birth right), and their plan is in full swing for all to see.  They are who need to be stopped. 

This brief summation of what the end effect of tyranny and arrogance has achieved by stripping our liberties and wealth away one law at a time has ushered in a new era.  It’s up to us to decide what we’re going to do about it.  At this juncture there is no other alternative but for humans to come together.  That is how to defeat those bent on controlling, eradicating, and sickening the human race.  There is only a handful of these nasty parasites, yet there are billions of us.  Sound easy?  Not at all.  The elite just didn’t show up and decide one day to take over the world.  This idea was hatched thousands of years ago.  However, tyranny has historically lost to the will of the people.  It also historically rears its ugly head every few hundred years or in actuality the desire to rule has never really gone away.  With the dark comes the light and there must ALWAYS be balance.  There is no balance now and that is exactly what everybody is feeling.  The only way to get that rug back is by reaching out to other humans.  Not just social media either.  Actual conversations!  You should be doing this daily with your family and loved ones.  In America it was the dinner table that brought out provoking thoughts and learning how to agree to disagree.  These conversations are precious and vital.

There are a million and one ways to open a conversation with a fellow human being.  At work, at home, on the bus or at the park and it’s getting easier by the day because people are scared.  Stand up! Conversations NEED to happen and certain topics have got to be brought front and center for scrutinizing.  Surprisingly you will find just how many people DO understand what is going on but have felt isolated and compelled not to express their feelings or opinions.  Whatever you have to do to get there, whatever works for you, we ALL have to force the focus on what is REALLY going on in this world.   We have to stop allowing ourselves to be divided, and raise our voices to be heard whether talking politics, religion, race, spirituality, whatever!  The folks manipulating our world are compelling us to fight amongst ourselves by way of hundreds of distractions and every one of them an insult to possessing any moral fiber.  DO NOT BUY INTO IT.  Keep your eye on the ball.  The truth exists with or without us and sometimes you have got to dig deep to get to it.  In any event, you will educate yourself. 

Politics affect every facet of our lives.  The sooner we start spitting out our “political” opinions the sooner you’ll find out how you really feel and nature should take its course by inspiring you to reach out to other humans!  We don’t have to be arch enemies if we do not completely agree on every issue.  However, there are issues we all can agree on.

Babies do not come into this world knowing hate, they learn it.   We owe it to generations to come, the same, if not better opportunities we were gifted.  If you are breathing it is your responsibility and obligation to ensure humanity’s future prosperity, and not its demise.  Change YOUR focus.  Everybody has a story, some tragedies worse than others and sometimes life is not fair.  But every step you take is a lesson, learn from it.  The one constant of humanity is its resilience.  We could not have survived millions of years without it.  So put YOUR best foot forward.  We can all agree in order to live together while aspiring to find our own greatness we must: Treat others as we like to be treated; be able to live our lives as we see fit, without judgement or hurting anyone else while doing it; be able to defend ourselves and our loved ones from danger or harm; be able to prosper AND keep our wealth; and to freely love and live while searching for truth, acquiring knowledge, understanding and answers to more questions about life itself.   

Humanity IS on the brink.  The good news is it is on the brink of another major change.  It’s up to us to determine how that is going to pan out.  We’ve come this far, so barring any “natural and man-made disasters” we will survive this - but to what degree of suffering to others or you?   The time is now.  There can be no more sitting on the fence, or pretending it will go away.  Be careful what you wish for because if you look around we’ve already lost far too much, especially common logic and decency.  Where is that wrap around porch America?  Where are the conversations from your elders bringing their ancestors to life and sharing it with YOUR grandchildren?  Lessons come in many shapes and sizes and this is the “E” Ticket humans.  You are already on the ride; you just need to redirect its destination.

What’s it going to be?  Together We Can Be Victorious!

Freedom bears much responsibility if you are willing to fight for it.  In fact, ask yourself, what does freedom mean to YOU.  How do inherent liberties, or the lack of, affect YOUR life? 

When good people do nothing to right a wrong, we are a lost species.  Do not let the image of depravity, along with the diseased and perverted minds of those who have sold their souls, EVER stop you from voicing your contempt at wrong doings.  Lift your heads high, help your fellow humans to do the same because the only way to win this war is together.  As we enter into this holiday season here in America may the spirit empower you even more to show that “Only Love Prevails!”

As Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776 said:

The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind. …We have it in our power to begin the world over again.

We Americans DO have it in our grasp to change the outcome of what we are facing right here, right now.  We humans of the world must now follow the lead of those who gave up everything to fight tyranny so WE could know freedom.  Do not let their quest die in vain.

The Human Race must come together if we are to survive.  So get out of your cubicle, take a walk, talk to strangers, call your neighbor – REACH OUT!

The news of NESARA continues to reach more and more people because you supporters have never stopped spreading the word or doing the work.  Although the scope of our environment may change the outcome of how we receive NESARA, it is up to ALL OF US. 

NESARA is the mechanism we need to level the playing field in our world.  But NESARA needs you, the people’s support is essential to the success of NESARA.  The excitement knowing, we are going to be cleaning out the White House of ALL of its inhabitants should be motivation enough.  We cannot deter from reinstating the Republic of this nation and NESARA is only as strong as those who uphold it.  Spread the word, follow how you can help, pray, pray, pray and most importantly connect with other humans, as many and as often as you can.  Do not stay divided.  Do not comply.  We are the change; we are the resistance.

NESARA Now Won!!!

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