Action Plan

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Action Plan 

Take Action Plan
This Major Campaign to ensure NESARA is announced as being energized at the grass roots level and will continue unabated, until the announcement is made.
1. Find some take action people in your communities and get their help to saturate the area with every conceivable method of letting citizens know the facts about NESARA.  Please do it NOW!  Your Country and Your World Need Your Help.
2. Send an editorial to ALL your newspapers within 50 miles of your home. See Editorials for examples
3.  Hand out flyers about NESARA in front of your local banks, stores, business offices, factories, colleges, etc.  Please use ONLY the official flyers, and other documents found on in your handout material to the public. It is very important to maintain our integrity in what we tell people. Make your handout brief and to the point and include our website for more information.  If possible, provide a local telephone number on your flyers which they may call for additional information. You may also hand out your flyers to bank personnel as part of letting the banks know we are aware of NESARA's bank debt forgiveness benefits.  Click here for your NESARA flyers.
4.  PAY ONLY the MINIMUM payment on credit card balances. NESARA wipes out our bank debt and one of the ways NESARA does so is by paying the credit card issuing banks in the U.S. a flat rate payoff of $9,000 per credit card account which has a balance when NESARA is announced. The banks also receive generous payoff amounts to forgive our other bank debts.
5. Call national, state, and local political campaign offices and tell them YOU want NESARA announced NOW! 
6. Contact and provide flyers on NESARA to local government officials, civic organizations, churches, labor unions, businesses, charity organizations, and senior citizens groups in your community.  Offer to introduce NESARA to these groups.  Give them the facts about NESARA and our web site, for more information.   Click here for your NESARA flyers.
7. Organize local meetings to discuss NESARA and form action groups to help spread the word about NESARA.
8. Call into talk radio shows and discuss the benefits of NESARA.
9. Hang Large Banners containing slogans from overpasses and wave at oncoming vehicles, such as

        "NESARA = PEACE  see "


       "NESARA Forgives Bank Debts see"